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Um no, like, don't But I just can't tell by your tone with, you know, with President Trump. I just I've seen you change a little bit and I respect you greatly, but I'm just very sad. Very sad with the state of affairs in the way that people talk about President Trump. I don't care how he plays golf. He did a great job representing this country and talked about his accomplishments. Amanda. Absolutely, but the problem that we're reaching at this point is If there is not substantial proof, developed and presented to a court that agrees You know that's the way it works. Unfortunately, so you but again, I hope you continue to listen to this program. I think, WBZ if you listen to our newscasts I don't. I don't detect a bias in our newscast anywhere, but that's that's That's my That's my opinion. And I hope you continue to rely on this station. I really do. Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much. Have a great night. You always get a chance to say Which one Derek Derek in Dorchester. Derek, I got you into more. I want to get everybody and go ahead. Derek. I ain't doing Dan. I'm doing right, my friend, but I'm gonna crunch on time because we're really late. Go right ahead. Okay. I just want to go back to the question where he said about the vote and When you said you don't have the show. I did. So when you voting, I think you should show I d. Yeah. You shake your idea, but what it is, is right when you go to a vote. They ask you Or your name and they're in a look up. Your address will register. Your address is automatically in their career. There's no brought. There's no fraud and that if you registered Your name is automatically in the in the count. What? Okay, So let's let's assume Derek that I show up at seven o'clock in the morning at your place to a vote. And and I say My name is Derrick and I give him your last name and your address. On. They don't ask me to show and I d and they give me a ballot. Check up at checkout. I believe you do have to show something. No, you don't. Because there is a ponytail. Derek. Unfortunately, you don't. I think you should is what I'm trying to say. That's all I'm trying to say. I would think you should, too. And deaf man that point And then here's another point. I wanna make Okay. All right now when it comes to the electoral votes Right? Yeah. Um Why didn't I already had one? So how is it that everybody thinks that He did, he did they? It was a fraud and the chicken sanguine all around the country When anybody is saying there's no fraud, and the And and and then scandal of, Well, not everybody is saying that that's what telling Derrick, I want you to call this your first time calling Yes, it is. Okay. Do me a favor. Come on back. We'll give you a ride of applause. Come on back soon, and we'll We'll have a longer conversation. I just got a couple of the folks would like to try to sneak in, Okay? Appreciated, Dan right back at you, Derek. Thank you Much. Okay. We got Indian, Beverly and the love to get you in. Lisa Rain. Go ahead, Andy. Hey, Dan take thanks for taking it when I went to go vote in Beverly, um, my me and my wife one of the same time and I looked down on the registry and my father's name was still there and he'd been dead for seven years. Well, that's another problem. Voter rolls should be clean, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. That's how did people in the voting Yeah. Also, I work for the Postal Service on the maintenance side of the vehicles, and one of our trucks came in from from a city. I'm not going to say which one it was, but it had a nail in it. And guess what The mail was. But some ballots well, well, some balance. All right. Hey, Andy, You got a call early. I'll give you more time. We're gonna try to stick one more quick one in okay?.

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