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And he was talking about your body shots. He said I never was hit body punches like that. He said it wasn't. He said everyone hurt. But this guy stayed on the body. Nobody just stays on the body. The Way Eddie did and it really was quite a performance. You became world champion that night, and it was just such a proud night for me. To be there with you. Your trainer now. and. You train champions and we love. Every time you put up a post on your facebook, you say I gotta get back to the Jim because I trained champions. That's what I do. Do you have anybody can work with now that you haven't taken the cover off yet. You don't want us to see him yet, but you're going to unveil this painting pretty soon. Yes as a matter of fact I have two young men who have late S-. I had to wait out of Canada. He's thirteen and oh thirteen knockouts. He in punch. and I'm just shown and. How to go to the body, mix it up a little bit. Just don't be ahead of. Double and triple hateful. And get into a rhythm. And then I have another Guy De'andre savage. He's another great body puncher. All these guys heavyweights. They're big. To, forty, And Miladin. My Guy from Canada. I think he'll be come heavyweight champion a little bit before the Andre Savage. Savage is not far behind him. In the heavyweight division I wish. If I could just snap my fingers and change things in my life I think I'd WanNa. Come back a heavyweight, not in Muhammad Ali's era, but anybody else. And by the way. Speaking of Muhammad, Ali. I was. Somewhat friendly with him. I was a young reporter and he was when he was fighting. And it wasn't until the end of his career when I was editor in chief of ring magazine that I got to meet him, and he stopped in Nineteen eighty-one. And I'll tell you this. We became friends from almost the moment. I became commissioner in New York in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, eight, and every time he would come to New York. He would call me. We would have breakfast alone. We would have lunch alone, usually brought up to his room. Sometimes we'd go to the coffee shop and do you know? That many times when I told him that I was. A friend of yours. He would just smile and he would say I love that he must have a love them in. That's my guy. That's we had lack of family relationship together. You know. It was a great relationship. And I think about him every day. We all do with the reason. I brought that up not just because he loved you so much. You know just the other day was. Anniversary of his passing and It was Gerry Cooney and I were about to go on the air and Sirius Xm. When we were thirty seconds away from going on the air, we didn't know about it and our producer got this breaking news that Mohammed Ali was in the hospital and more than likely. This was it. We quickly changed the course of the show. We call George Foreman, and we told him, and he came on and gave a quick Cernan that had me Gerry. Cooney my producer. Director, everybody in tears that. Mohammed Ali whether he ever was the greatest of all time. You know what this is one of the greatest humans that have ever walked this planet. Exactly you. It right VIRPI. It was more than boxing. You know he was indeed there. It's A. It's a rarity that you have God. That are bigger than the sport a choose the. being. He was bigger than boxing. Boxing was something that happened to do and was great at it. Ready g talking to Eddie Mustafa, Muhammad, former, light heavyweight champion of the world now a championship trainer. In the place I call lost wages Nevada, the streets are empty there, but eddy the streets are barren, a New York City to, and you know if you saw the pictures of them. It's sad but I. Know that I've looked at. This is going through a long dark tunnel and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just want you to be safe and you know what we're gonNA. Be watching those heavyweights and everybody else that you train. The business needs more people like you. This planet needs more people like you I love you Eddie. Love you to ready on that I? Thank you for that. We'll speak to you real soon..

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