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Mannix and then there's a couple other names franco will play me in a movie exactly you the guy that james franco played in a movie riffraff and is so much more fun than these antics rappers like it's the the scale of the amount of more fun that that guy is and that guy's not a particularly crate hip hop artist he's made some okay stuff but not he's unremarkable except for his crazy outfits and like purple dreadlocks and whatever but i've i had to my experience with riffraff other than seeing the james franco version of him in the movie spring break in the movie spring breakers was i worked for a show where he was supposed to do a walk on so we had to pitch bits for riffraff i call him they remove allied in the copy say riffraff what would happen to florida became a man so we had to pitch bits for refresh so i had to sit just sit for a day and watch riffraff videos and after watching five riffraff in a row i thought to myself this is probably what having a fatal spider bite feels so like i'm my whole body is hot i'm it's yeah i i want to just be nude in a cold bath tub i think that the new generation of white soundcloud rappers and is sort of like that but it's just as you approach the point of death so you're kind of like getting sleepy you're still itchy but now you're sleepy and kind of you feel like throw up.

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