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To that ladder with another hand as you fly through the skies of New York City the last thing the last thing they're hanging onto hanging onto desperately desperately was that Donald Trump did commit obstruction of justice now. I know I know we've been telling you he's a Russian puppet and he colluded with the Russians and none of that's true however into the investigation that he was innocent of she obstructed Justice Pastas and even though Muller didn't say he obstructed justice he did kind of say well. Here's ten instances where he might have and the only reason why he didn't conclude that trump obstructed justice was because there's this department his Justice Department legal opinion that says you can't charge a sitting president with the crime so <hes> you know he could be charged as soon as he leaves the White House and and this is where they get to the stuff where if you wasn't president didn't he'd be charged with obstruction of justice now as I pointed out on the show before this number one this is just really stupid because the idea that if trump wasn't president he could be charged with obstruction of justice like well if you weren't president and you fired the F._B._I.. B._I. Director what does that even mean. Only the president can fire the F._B._I.. Director so well if you weren't president but you thought about firing the special counsel what if so if I just fired a special counsel. I can't nobody except the president can do Ooh that's even to even put it into the context of not being president was stupid. However this was a death blow to that whole this was cutting the ladder and now you're falling with that little girl in your arms down into times square or or the Hudson River below you Muller said No? That's actually not right. He said he said that we said we couldn't come to a conclusion on whether or not to charge him with obstruction of justice and that is that's it. That's the end of it so in other words he wasn't being charged with obstruction of justice now. Everybody should have known this already because the even by the Department of Justice guideline that says you can't charge a sitting president which I find hard to believe that they would actually enforce it by the way that's not law. It's just something that the Legal Opinion Office of the Justice Department kind of came up with because are you telling me that if Donald Trump if they had uncovered evidence that he was a Russian puppet we'd still go. Well got to beat them at the ballot. Box can't charge present. You know what I mean. That seems crazy to me. However the the anyone should have known this because even though the guidelines says you can't charge a sitting president that doesn't mean that Muller couldn't right in his report he obstructed justice but we can't charge him because of this guideline he could have written that he could have said that also another pretty big blow to the obstruction of justice nonsense is that if Donald Trump had been guilty of obstructing justice? It's not like Donald Trump himself self would have physically obstructed justice right like even if Donald trump with he would have had people around him do it in which case you would have seen indictments of other people for obstruction of justice right so the fact that there were no other indictments of obstruction of justice. There were no indictments about a conspiracy with the Russians that is as that is in effect in exoneration on both counts by the way that word came up during the hearings that was so creepy when he's when when Muller went out of his way to point out that he couldn't exonerate Donald Trump and then one of the Congressmen to is credited jump on that and go exonerate like what the hell are you talking about. Prosecutors hitters don't exonerate people that is well outside the purview of a prosecutor. I don't even know who does exonerate people. MAYBE PRIESTS I. I don't know who can exonerate somebody. I suppose a defense attorney if they come up with D._N._A...

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