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Dan beaten at that with his work on the policing let's my doubts about other research that's been done to explore the link between what tweets and how long we live professor john mathis is scientific director of the institute for ageing and health at newcastle university in the uk the link between what we eat and links of life has been a narrative research for at least two years and came through a chance finding of that was when borchert rocks were fed less food than the wanted to eat the live longer this was quite unexpected so this then began a whole series of studies which are continuing to the state and what we've seen is that people who are witten the bee's are more likely took shorter lives than those people who are leaner how important is the type of fate we eight compared to the amounts weeks or your when we eighth are no magic bullets there's no individual food which makes the difference and is about dietary patterns it's about the whole mix of foods that we eat not on one day but about every day and every week and so on dietary patterns which are characterized by relatively large amounts of plant foods fruits and vegetables are associated with longer lives and less agerelated disease than a diets which are high in animal products how exactly to these fay help us in how we age what we see is aging is a result of the accumulation of molecular damage damage to our dna proteins within cells membranes iran sells and gradually garage three over years and decades we accumulate more more thought damage that's which leads to what we see us aging.

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