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To money. Hey, what is up doing heard Vam? It's it'd be way. And you're listening to narrative and across from me as always ills Dani Fernandez, if he I saw you e like a massive hamburger today or yesterday was a fourteen pound birds. No. And I really it was a home thing. You know, I don't know jam bodies work. And I've I'm learning that the hard way, I had trouble breathing all day. And you know, I look I get it. Probably you know, what you probably burn calories trying to eat. It was so crazy. 'cause you know, you you always wonder what those cooking shows like, oh, what do you do after it? And they'll just like, okay. Are you going to take this? And I was like, well if you guys are gonna throw away. Yes. You know, I come from that Nigerian heritage like I was in Nigeria. They're like you eat the whole cow. You do any of the Mexican families to. Yeah. It was like a whole thing. Like we were getting yelled at. But like she was kind of hustling. There was a lady who was on the property. Who's like, you are not going to eat the okay, you're going to the way she soon because we're Americans. But my dad was like, no we are going to eat the whole cow. And she was like, I will take these cows. And so I was like, oh, she just hustled us 'cause she just took some of the meat. But all right. I gotta respect the hustle shout out if she. He's listening all the way things she is essentially. Today. We have a special guest. Oh my gosh. This is a voice that I've heard from most of my life, and I got to be being in the room with them. You know, you saved it all for the air. I didn't I didn't wanna geek out. But now you can't be weirded out because we have you on tape. Still be on tape. The door. Does have a lock. Escape room. The puzzle. You have to get out of here. Only one in here who hasn't been in a scape room because I I yeah, I'm bad at puzzle. So I just know him 'cause you know, every time every one of my friends who go and escape rooms there there always is that one person who they're like this guy was so dumb, and he was slowing down the process. And I was like, oh, I don't wanna be that. I don't wanna be that person. If you're good at something you have value you want bring someone that's good at word game. Someone's getting math someone's gonna puzzle. Like, oh, I can figure out this math question. I can figure out this geography customers people that are good at different things or helpful. Okay. Cool. Yeah. And even if you just having a good time in portion where it's like do a fortnight dance. I haven't seen that. But we need someone. That's as hell or something like. Yeah. You have to dead lift this three hundred and fifty pounds look shell. We're talking to a woman of in my opinion, thousands of voices. I don't know if that's correct. But I'm going to think that it is Korean chasers. This week. It was eleven hundred seem credited roles, you know, a lot of times. We're like, hey, can you do this extra little girl in the silver guy over here? Yeah. Roger Craig Smith who you have worked with eight. You hate canonical hate he was saying that. Yeah. In one show alone. It was he was credited as doing one hundred voices in one show. That's because he's not good. They'll be like oh, give the crappy little were. He can say one word or a snort or a gas. Give him the little bit parts that no one will hear about going to clip this and send it to him directly. We are talking to Tara strong. Thank you so much for joining us today. We are covering Harley Quinn. We are covering the history of Harley Quinn and kind of what she came to be. And what she is. Now, Tara you voiced bat girl before you were Harley. What was that kind of like that transition of getting to play essentially, a hero in my opinion? Harley is still a hero. I guess an anti hero. But what was it like switching from girl? Barbara Gordon to Arleen. Well, first of all it was so cool to be back early..

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