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In the mode of doing right now. And Tom Hanks would be playing Japan. Oh, And I'll remember this a couple weeks ago, and then we're talking about a kind of we realized what we didn't know about. Pinocchio was a puppet defended threw his body on the grenade. That was Pinocchio. Yeah, and defended that He was not a doll. It was a puppet. Right. Just, you know, begs the question. How many puppets does rob having his closet makes a guy wonder Anyway? I see this headline today. There's another Pinocchio movie for this one. This's just well, it's weird that like these always this happens, right. We will have the same idea at the same time, I think will be decidedly different in tone. Guillermo Del Toro, the man behind the shape of water. Is going to be directing this and it's going to be stop motion, huh? This is why I'm excited. I love Guillermo's stuff. I think he's really unique and brings us something that we don't normally get. I'm excited. Well, what's cool is the stop motion team is the team that did the Fantastic Mr Fox with George Clooney and Meryl Streep. If you haven't seen it, it's either on Disney Plus or Netflix. I forget. It's Great. It's great Bill Murray's in it. It's very, very funny. It's I love that movie Well, and Finn Wolf Heart is in this talking about making a stranger gangs he's in. It s O to you and McGregor as cricket. Not his Jiminy Cricket Justus cricket newcomer Gregory Man as Pinocchio, David Bradley as Jeppe Eto and then the other cast members include big names like Tilda Swinton. Christoph Waltz through John to Toro Cate Blanchett Huan Pearlman, who used to play how boy who David Harbour played in the recent reboot of Hellboy and did not get good reviews. Tim Blake Nelson in Bern. Gorman. It's going to be a stop motion version of this which I think is going to be really Cool and and you know what I bet both will be great because of Tom Hanks is gonna be Gepetto and the other one. Wonderful That'll be that'll be fabulous. You know, they make it so winsome and this will offer just sort of a different take on the same story, although they say that this is the one with Guillermo del Toro. Will be set during the rise of fascism in Mussolini's Italy. See, he always goes weird. They say it'll be a musical directed by Del Toro. I love it has a story of love and disobedience is Pinocchio struggles to live up to his father's expectations? Don't we all? How about that guy's in Bern? Burn. Is that short for something? Burt? Hi, I'm burned Gorman. And I'd appreciate your vote this November at the following messages from pay for supporters of burn. Gorman. I know should be a local news guy. Good evening. I'm burned. Gorman burn Gorman. It sounds like something you would get out of a name generator, you know. Verne is short for Maybe it's like, what's the first injury you remember as a child. And what's your favorite genre of movie? I'm burn Gorman. Interesting name he's done. I remember we were talking about names. You want to add a new segment. We're gonna add a new segment. I'm going. Let everybody know we're going working at Rocco. If you're listening. We didn't open for this yet. He's out all week. Okay. Greed trade. It is called Epic names and human history Burn. Gorman. This has been epic names in human history. You feel like you think anybody else is doing that? I don't think so. Something so either, Steven, and if they are, we'll do it better burn. Gorman. Week. I'll burn. Gorman. If you see something we really want you to say something. It could be something cool. It could be something terrible. Did you see? I saw something really sweet that I would like to share and it has to do with a couple in their nineties. Oma. What a juicy I've I have been experienced something been experiencing something in the middle of the night come to find out My wife has been experiencing it too. We both just realized that the other day I I will tell you what it is. And then ask you for help. Tell me what it means, Donna. Okay, we'll get into that. When we return. It's done and Steve on my talk. The cat bits have all been submitted, and we had my talk are busy putting together the cat Video Festival Virtual Quarantine edition. It'll Premier online Thursday, August 20th, and we'll run all weekend for you to check out because you need some crazy cats in your life and crazy cats are the only good thing. About a quarantine. It's free. But we are accepting donations for this year's charity Biddy Kiddy Brigade, They rescue neonatal kitties. You can read about them and make a donation.

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