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The Nobel prize for literature and in twenty twelve she received the US presidential medal of freedom and just this past Monday, miss Morrison, celebrated her eighty eighth birthday. Coming mega walkers baby shower, Royal worthy or over the top. We'll talk about that. When we come back. Well, we're talking about a British woman made the Nakal right now, we just happened to have some British women in the audience a hammer over here on these last who are the. Get your pay argued can producing staff of of a show called loose women in in London, which basically is a ripple of the view. All right. Okay. Anyway, we'll talk about Meghan Markle who is heading back to Britain after a blowout star studded baby shower here in New York City that cost reportedly almost a quarter of a million dollars. I mean, should I be embarrassed that I sent that twelve thousand one of the bat. I is it a little tacky too over the top. Oh what come on? Let's not very British. They're usually very locate the Brits. Well, she's an American. I love old things Meghan Markle. I always said that I think she's really shaken up the monarchy. Right. She's very modern. She's the you say, so we love. And she didn't pay for it. I hear that. Serena Williams footed the Bill, and I think that's pretty cool. So why why shouldn't you have a star-studded the quaint you the the to the thrones wife was not there and the way it was skiing and Kate Middleton. Didn't you have one shower for any of her babies because the Royal experts would say it's seen as tacky beside shows that like they need the presence when they don't, and I have probably an unpopular opinion on this and disagree with you guys. I did find it to be tacky. I found it to be very Kardashian style glitzy glamorous whether or not she paid for it. I was reading about it. She didn't have one childhood friend. No one hundred family was there. I mean, she clearly Rosen high places like not just stars. But like the a list of stars. And I just don't know what type of reputation that. She's wanting to continue to build because she clearly did everything knowing and wanting to be seen with those high style folks and just for me personally, it came across so unreliable with. Was he had to give gifts to this? You don't really go to shower without bringing something do you? Usually like, she she was a. Wait a minute. I got married for the second time. I said specifically no gifts, please. It's different. When I got when I got married. I got married in weird circumstances. Everyone knows I had people donate to a brain candy share. Right. I will say that. I feel bad for Meghan Markle all the time because people are so mean to her and there's this like rift between her and Kate Middleton, and she's had to give up her career her social media her blog her life here. She's across the pond, and she wants to come back to New York and have some fun with her friends. I. Thirty. I wanna ask his leg up really elaborate with me or do you agree with these? Yeah. I think we should dislike put her, you know, she's she's trying to integrate into British Royal culture and not cheeses back-off press. Let. Yeah. What about the woman the back there? She had a common. It's very tacky. And God forbid, she got forbid something should happen to the baby. She will have all these gifts. Right. Hold on hold. I had some folks though. So I. Something one person at this table who knows it to one twenty two things about over the top showers as miss Anna Navarra. This. Let's watch. Okay. Go ahead and watch. Markle here because I tell you when your friends decide that they wanna throw a shower a lot of times, they don't ask you what kind of shower they glorious. Nobody. No, my friends some of my friends decided they wanted to me as defined..

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