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For this if anyone would like to show me spencer. Today i'm available after like three pm. But i. i'm i'm curious. I thought the trailer was definitely compelling. It owes a lot to jackie. Or it definitely reminds everybody. Jackie which is the blurring bio-pic it is a bio-pic it definitely takes. Some has ideas about jackie kennedy if it has the same ideas about princess diana jackie kennedy. I'm i don't know how fulfilling that will be on the other hand. It will definitely be a contrast to the crown. Witches uses words. First of all it's written by peter. More who's a playwright first and foremost so it'll be interesting to compare and contrast. I think it's hard to go up against the crown is what does that so one. I'm a huge fan of pablo. Lorraine i was a big fan of jackie I think he's a really gifted filmmaker. He does tend to take some kind of creative liberties with the lives of these. Very complicated and well-known figures in some of these movies made the the the roster of people that are working on. This movie though is pretty exciting. So it's written by stephen knight who i would say has pretty hit or miss drag record as a screenwriter. He has written great movies like eastern promises and lock. He's written not so great movies like Locked down the anne hathaway to as you try to do a heist inherits during what okay. How about how about this serenity. Matthew mcconaughey movie from twitter terrible. Yeah okay not successful film however also working on this movie klamath in the cinematographer who shot portrait of a lady on fire. Who wants incredible dp and doing the scores jonny greenwood. The great jonny greenwood from radiohead. So you know i. I'm very hopeful for this movie Obviously this is not necessarily my favorite type of film but with this roster of people and i thought it was interesting that they sort of would you think of the choice to withhold hearing kristen stewart. Try the accent until the very last shot of the trailer smart but also read maybe not a red flag but you wonder i princess and had a very specific and strange voice and because of the nature of royalty especially when she was alive. You didn't hear it that often and so when you actually do hear her speak. It's quite distinctive and.

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