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Here we go. Yeah, Friday night, seven pm. We've got a Holy Cross at Harvard Habat. Thirteen and a half point home favourite who you got social network is one of my probably four to five favorite movies ever me the crimson. I am going to go Harvard as well. Twelve PM on Saturday Cornell at two and two traveling to Colgate, the Gators or fun overall three and oh in conference. And just so happens if you're into such things, they're a thirteen point spread in this football game. Dan, who he got Hamilton, New York's finest, the Colgate Gators aka the Colgate raiders. They win this game by twenty. Just a lights out, defense shout out to James. What's go Gators as well. Twelve thirty Saturday Fordham at, oh, and five traveling down here to Goodman stadium to square off against the Lee high mountain Hawksley high currently at one in four. This is there. I conference game. We're in week seven again, I don't understand the patriot league scheduling. Oh, it's wonderful. We high finds himself. I believe a thirteen point favorite in this game, Dan, we got gimme the engineers and where should the visiting Rams eat breakfast and beautiful Bethlehem p. there's a blue sky. What's that pancake blue sky cafe, but I would recommend Billy's downtown diner and I went to blue sky and I liked it a lot. Yeah, it's a good place. Good place. Billy's or blue sky Billy's downtown diners. My recommendation. One buck now Bucknell at one in five, travelling to Monmouth. They are three and two mom got a heavy favorite who you got. Yeah, I'm not going. Nell is here now love Lewisburg. I'm going Monmouth there and finally agreed to buy that. We we three thirty on Saturday. We've got Georgetown away away from multi sport field there, two and five one in conference coming down here as well to eastern squaring off against the Lafayette leopards at one in four, Dan, who he got Lafayette giving two and a half points. Lot of action swing in the left's way in Vegas, Ty. Yeah, to action. I think Lafayette gets together Owen one in conference, but I think they get to five hundred with a win over the Hoyas. I know Georgetown looking up this year Lafayette down year. Everybody understands that we talked about this extensively on our patriot league preview episodes, but I am going to go. I'm gonna go the yet. He's here to keep it. Keep it moving upward. By the way, if I could very quickly of the Senate teams in the patriot league here are the records of these readies overall records Colgate five. Having a season for the ages. Of course, Georgetown two and four in second place. Bucknell one in five, high one in four Lafayette one in four, Fordham Owen, five and Holy Cross somehow unless the record of one in five, though they have won a football game here, not great for the patriot league, very top, heavy with Colgate, leading the charge, I believe. And I'm looking at up right now. The page patriot league dot org is slow to response. 'cause obviously, being inundated with traffic as the world swarms to see what's going on with week seven in the Pat league. But I believe Colgate was giving up. Okay, it's loading now. I believe they're scoring defense. Yes, they are allowing four point six points per game. Well. Hell, yeah, Gators. All right. That's all I got. They are. They are an FCS legitimate team. I'm red Holgate, beat Alabama. On the.

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