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Dr Kevin O'Connor says the injury has healed. Biden suffered a hairline fractures in his foot after he slipped while playing with his dog. More Americans. They're rolling up their sleeves for covert 19 shots. Nearly 40 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine had been given out across the U. S. CDC says. That's out of over 59 million doses of the two cove in 19 vaccines that have been distributed across the country. The polar vortex is creating dangerously cold conditions from Montana to the western Great Lakes, windshield warnings and advisories. Posted in the Dakotas and Minnesota through Monday. The mercury dropped to 36 degrees below zero this morning in ST Croix, Minnesota, just north of the twin cities. The National Weather Service says Wind chills could hit 50 below in some parts of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Today, the countdown to kickoff for Super Bowl 55 is on reporter Vicki Win is getting ready. Tom Brady thinks on Patrick Mahomes this weekend. And how you watch the Super Bowl is probably going to be ah, little different during the pandemic. From how you celebrate and watching the cold to what you eat to make sure you're safe and socially distant if you're having guests over, Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert and president, Biden's chief medical advisor, says this isn't the right time to be hosting a big watch party. Rather, he says, Americans should just lay low as they enjoy the game. Today, you're listening to the latest on NBC News radio, the Federal Trade Commission says no one should be posting images to social Media of covert 19. Fascination cards in FT. C Block, Post says. Those who want to tell the world about getting the vaccine should also be aware the VAX cards have personal information. The card show a person's full name, date of birth vaccination, information and other personal data, which could be used by identity thieves. So instead of posting that the FTC recommends sharing a pic of the white or Orange vaccine sticker handed out at the vaccination station because the sticker has no personal info. Today is more than Super Bowl Sunday. It's also national black HIV AIDS awareness. Day. Dr. Laura Cheever says that if the current HIV diagnosis rates persist, about half of gay black men will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime. We can certainly end the epidemic in us in the next 10 years, but we need to get people tested. We need to get them on treatment because when someone is virally suppressed, have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to the sexual partner. She says that right now, 85.2% of black men being treated for HIV are virally suppressed. The goal is to get that figure to 100% since the AIDS epidemic began, more than 650,000 people have died from AIDS in the U. S. According to the CDC. Four people are dead after being buried by an avalanche in northern Utah for others survived yesterday's Russia's snow in Millcreek Canyon and were able to dig themselves out. The incident came just a week after a Utah man was caught in a deadly avalanche just a few miles from where Saturday's tragedy occurred. Aaron Rodgers is the NFL's most valuable player for 2020. The announcement came last night at the NFL Honors show in Tampa. The Green Bay quarterback is one of six players to be named the league's M V P three times. In his acceptance statement, Roger said the season was an extraordinary one with few or no fans in the stands. Despite that, he said, he managed to play some of the best football of his career. He also revealed some of the off the field news, confirming that he is in fact engaged to actress shelling. Woodley Lisa Taylor, NBC news radio. You know what.

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