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Have added those four words, but it's it's really not clear that that really happened because no one at the time said that George Washington added the words So help me God. In fact, the first time any of one every suggested that Washington did so wasn't until 18 54 65 years later. When the writer Washington Irving claimed that George Washington had done so in 17 89, but Irving had been only six years old in 17 89 when he attended the ceremony. It was very far away from the inaugural platform, and there were no loud speakers of any kind, so it's a myth that it was added. We do know that Chester Arthur added the words so help me God in 18 81. But the record is largely silent for most of the 19th century, and we even know that it's a zoo recently is 1929. Herbert Hoover did not. Have the words so help me God at the end of the oath, but in fact, beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933. Every president has said, so. Help me God. Of course, John Kennedy succeeded Dwight Eisenhower. He was inaugurated in January. 1961. Here's what he told the gathering on the East Front of the U. S Capitol way. Observe today, not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom symbolizing and and As well as a beginning, signifying renewal as.

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