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Out Loud. I gotta say like just in general win people have criticisms for complete strangers and they like at they like reply to like tag them yet the. Dumbest fucking thing you can do it would be like if I knocked on a stranger's door to be like your houses. Shit I, think you suck like it's just a quits is absurd. Erred thing to do you can have an opinion it's negative and you can just keep it in your stupid little tiny head keeping your dumb little head. I mean I don't even complain about people in the. Industry. Unless we're in like you know clothes company because it's like. You, never know who knows what? Do, you think that Jessica and I would ever want a Kardashian to come on this podcast or to listen to it. No Not Never. The idea is never to make them half to hear and listen to and process like insults or judgements that is not. At all, what happened to common decency were US talk behind People's backs classic old school Shit Talkin. That's just how it goes. You talk about people behind their backs. You don't do it to their faces. It nothing can be accomplished by telling a stranger something negative. You think about them just talk about it with your friends. That Marsin are doing here we talk we're talking shit about the Kardashian, a lot of the time ever not them. I ever hear this though I don't ever want to interact with any of them. Also none of this is like permanent. I don't like meet anyone to think that I don't like them. I could not permanent like. When I shut the Jenner show last year people were like tell her you've.

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