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Traffic is slower in the northeast and west end in the midwest and south according to sensormatic senior director of global retail consulting. Brian field jewelry in footwear saw the largest in-person sales to clients according to retail next apparel sales. Were down fifty percent. Homegoods fell by thirty nine percent. Even with these drops this will likely end up as one of the biggest in-person shopping days in the us this year. So you have record black. Friday numbers online no surprise to anyone. I don't think right. Yeah no surprise especially with the. Pin debit the sierra. Everyone wants to stay at home. Of course. I work at one of the big retailers. That did the black. Friday deals all month long I'd say it was a fairly busy month but black friday itself in the store really was a little slower than normal as you know amazon. Like me personally haven't really noticed much different as far as like my job is concerned. Like i don't really notice anything happening any faster more volume. But you have more people working in the fulfillment center right now. So that has something to do with it right. yeah so Black friday protests were staged at by amazon workers in fifty countries. I don't know they did. They think where you're at my job. Okay well black friday. This year amazon warehouse workers and social and environmental justice activists around the world staged a series of coordinative protest strikes and actions demanding the online retailer respect workers rights to participate in the unit activity. Stop circumventing tax laws and edit to higher environmental standards. According to the event organizers this day of action was called hashtag make amazon. Hey black friday. As one of amazon's biggest sales events of the year as well as the start of the peak season when warehouse worker injuries are the highest and workloads for our warehouse. workers and delivery. Drivers skyrocket protests. Play brazil mexico. The united states and the united kingdom spain france belgium germany luxembourg italy poland india bangladesh. The philippines am austrailia organizers released. A statement signed by thirty nine organizations and sent to amazon which reads quote meanwhile amazon warehouse. Workers risked their lives as such workers and only briefly received an increase pay and quote. They also said quote like all major corporations amazon's success would be impossible without the public institutions that citizens build together over generations but instead of giving back to the societies that helped it grow the corporations starves them of tax revenue through its world-beating efforts at tax dodging and quote organizations involved include unlv global union. Greenpeace the athena coalition. The sunrise movement oxfam our revolution amazon employees for climate justice progressive international public citizen and the tax justice. That work of course amazon wasn't happy about this conner. Sweeney spokesperson for amazon's luxembourg had corners. Said quote this is a series of misleading assertions by misinformed for self interested groups. Who are using amazon's profiles furthered. The individual causes amazon has a strong track record of supporting our people. Our customers and our can be eighties including providing safe working conditions and leading fifteen dollars minimum wage and great benefits leading on climate change with the climate pledge but to be net zero carbon by twenty forty and pay more than five billion dollars in taxes. Globally in quote. Yeah so Like i said. I know we talked a couple of days ago. Kind of about like union organization. yes on. You know we talked about that Not on the podcast of course but in person. Yeah yeah yeah i mean. I haven't noticed anything at my fulfillment center as far as like you know organization or anything like that. But i think for the most part from what i from. What i've you know been able to from people. I've talked to most people work at seem pretty happy like the job itself. They might be happy with but they don't feel like they're mistreated by amazon right. I guess it just depends on which places you work. Obviously management is different in each location. So yeah. I've heard mixed things that all depends on where you work. It seems like some of the older warehouses tend to have more problems with like. Get into the bathroom for example. I've heard stories where like people can't get to the bathroom without going up or down four floors as well as a security check point. Yeah my will where. I work at With the senator is set up four floors and then it's like it's brand news. It's all robotic. Yeah but each floor. Has you know two bathrooms. You can go to at least and then there's other ones around the place to. Yeah because i think a lot of the older places weren't even really designed to be the warehouses they are now. Yeah from wherever. I work at usually not more than like a two or three minute walk from a bathroom. There's no there's no There's no guarantee this so we'll be in there for twenty minutes on the phone while you're waiting to that. But that's the. I think one of the biggest complaints i've heard were like the pic rates are just way too high of before the the the the goals that they have for to pick rates pick. I mean i have no problem meeting their pick rates Because they're pick rate is you want you to do. Three hundred picks our if you're picker. Their beans their goal is four hundred hundred and they're not gonna like i'm barely both in hundred usually and i'm one of the fastest pickers there. Okay yeah i think the concern is like some people are doing things real fast and end up getting her to you know so well. Yeah they want you to be safe. I mean matale to go up and down the little because sometimes the shells come by are kind of tells you have a little a little step kind of stool thing they can roll up by harley. Add need to use this going up and down that the whole time i can see that. Yeah of course. I could keep going on and on about the problems. I've heard about amazon if he wants to check out more checkout kim lot three three one channel on youtube he goes in debt. With a lot of this Take it with a grain of salt. There may be things that are are not accurate list. I mean sure. It varies by location location. I'm i'm more or less happy where i met. So right so ozzy pie will depart from the fcc on january twentieth. The chairman. ozzy pie announced. He will leave the fcc on the twentieth of january twenty twenty one the same day joe biden is to be sworn in as president of the united states during his four years as fcc chief pie deregulated the broadband industry unlimited net neutrality rules. He justified his agenda by using faulty. Data in taking credit for broadband deployments were planned well before he became chairman pie. Called being the chairman of the sec. Honorable lifetime llosa said the president trump for giving me the opportunity to leave the agency and twenty seventeen to president obama for pointing as the commissioner in two thousand twelve and two senate majority leader mcconnell in the senate for twice confirming me to be the first asian american to chair the. Fcc has been a particular privilege as i often say in america. Democrats are currently expected to make. Jessica rosenworcel the new chair though. Nothing has been confirmed. Yeah so We're actually going to do.

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