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Um r kelly the first lawsuit was filed in the midnineties where marc do you buy the digital culture is changing you know the internet pieces inches them because you know the reason why you're talking about this now and buzzfeed is because is a whole new generation now that can take him the task ford in ways it folks worn established to be able to do that before i think the classic take down of bill cosby is another example right when bill cosby cons of thing again you know three or four years ago that some of us are going like we've known this for decades right wise this thing now frail now because a young generation as a tuning their attention to it and now they have different a array of tools to be able to use the aksy whole folks accountable so i i think kelly's being held accountable in a way now right that he hadn't been in the pet accidentally you know my initial instinct is that every anybody can say anything because that's that's our co that's our country is built on that i think that all four of us here are free speech absolute artists can express themselves in any way they see fit but where do we hold accountable people like the record companies that put that music out the agents who book those tours the promoters who uh you know s sign him up to play a riina's that that the ticket buyers themselves who are supporting this artists with their cash charlotte is a horn online in my interview with a woman who had an underage sex relationship with kelly you said everybody in my life all my friends my family love dr kelly and i my favorite radio station madjoub gci who played him every half hour.

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