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Down. Speed it up so those things are all going to play into how they're going to remember. When chip kelly i came to philadelphia we were all dying to see what that offense was going to look like you showed us none of it and then i would just the wash it was like this to be that unexpected almost nothing from arizona in the preseason then we'll find out i wanna go back to jets-giants here and this is self serving because it's not just daniel jones that will be interested in watching tonight. Danny you will be there. What else are you keeping. An eye on is going to be on levy mbelle but i was told that levian will not be playing tonight despite the fact that he says he wants to get in there obviously he's a little rusty hasn't played football wall in eighteen months but i know that the front office there and also the coaches. They have a little bit of a difficult decision there because they wanna get him out there. They want to see their new toy. Sam darnold certainly gently does but for right now they don't feel that bell is ready to go jesse yet but in terms of what i am going to be watching greg williams with this jet steph and much like the offense offense we're not going to see tons but he was brought in here to change it up and to take deep into a new level guys at training camp the loudest human being being out on the field is this offensive coordinator and it seems of his players are responding to it. Jamal adams saying there is an flavor. I feel like we're born again. Dan we with this new leadership so i think we're you know we expect a lot of lifting from atlanta metro. We're gonna see a lot of that but i'm interested to see the fleet of that catch up late for great <hes> steve jackson. Who's the safety coach. I take through jamal and so i asked him you know. What does it feel like. He's like crazy as like they're so excited right. He's like it's a different atmosphere around the defense and when you go back to the good steeler deficient maybe phrase that the great steeler defense that i played with it was built strong strong down the middle right there was casey hampton and it was james ferry and it was choi paula malu they have built this jets jets team and defense up very much in the same way we if grade williams can add some about slavery put some of those pressures in exotic combinations. He can throw at different teams. This could be graham by defense more than off well well when you look at that. He loves to stop the run up front. Load the box for skies the push the ball outside and the biggest thing greg williams is always gonna bring is energy and expectations. He's all about going to expect the defense to be hard hitting fast as one of the best in the n._f._l. That's something just give us and let me circle then back tantamount to you at the washington quarterbacks that ryan brought up that what i think is very interesting to see how that plays out. What do you expect from dwayne. Haskins unlike tyler murray and maybe even daniel jones. Dana jones not really competing to start the season. He's not going into collar. Murray is going to has kind of the wild card. How do you expect that to play well. Haskins has great talent and he got a lot better last year at the be in the season he was up and down down but to his credit he got better and better. He has a great arm. He is a full feel quarterback. Colt mccoy sounds like he's gonna start. They're gonna give him a chance to you'll start the season or see how the preseason goes but haskins of all the quarterbacks were talking about. It has such a high ceiling and i think his game really translates to the pro level because of his arm awesome yeah just to go with where we're at right now. So mccoy won't play tonight. He's dealing with a little bit of an injury so he'll be on the silence case..

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