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Not just some administrative procedure. It is a critical part of our nation's efforts to protect our most sensitive secrets does investigators are looking for any indication that the person who's receiving the Clarence will safeguard these national secrets and as importantly, they're looking for any type of information that would suggest that there is a potential that they have or could be potentially compromised by a foreign intelligence service the order from the president to give clearance to Kushner was uncovered in a memo filed by former chief of staff John Kelly. The president reacting to his former lawyers damning testimony this week in which he alleged that the president committed several financial crimes President Trump claimed day that Michael Cohen has a manuscript which contradicts what he said about the president the editor in chief of the hill. Bob, cusak says Cohen's testimony and the hard evidence he provided this week before congress highlight potential troubles for Mr. Trump. I think it's very problematic. If there is corroborating witnesses and documents that back, Michael cones testimony been certainly he was naming names and his public testimony. On wednesday. And this is a problem for the the president. If it can be proven Cohen is slated to return to Capitol Hill to testify on March sixth. A former Virginia high school teacher was sentenced today to nearly three years in prison for hacking into private digital accounts of celebrities and others. Christopher Brennan was the fifth person charged in the two thousand fourteen celeb- gates scandal in which hackers obtained naked photographs and other private information of more than two hundred people prosecutors allege in court documents that Brandon hacked accounts by answering security questions he could research by viewing victims Facebook counts. You also gained access by phishing emails designed to look like security accounts from apple you, then access to victims Email accounts and search for personal information, including photographs court documents say he admitted to hacking or trying to hacking of students accounts at his former high school Brennan pleaded guilty in October and is due to begin serving his sentence April. First a group of students in New Jersey facing charges for allegedly hacking into. Their schools computer system to change their grades officials say this happened at the end of last school year. But it was only last week that these four Jersey City students were charged school officials say they got their hands. On teacher, logging information using hacking software change the grades for up to ten students. This is at the Dickinson high school school board, president, Sudan, Thomas fears. There are students that got into college on bogus high school grades. This is a large iceberg. Okay. And I hope I'm wrong officials say the cases for the four fifteen to seventeen year olds will be heard in family court. That's correspondent Scott Pringle with that story some students sales where in New Jersey are upset they won't be able to make a grand entrance at their prom administrators at lakeland regional high school say students must take school provided chaperoned buses to the prom. Instead of luxury coaches or limousines school superintendent says it's all for safety sake. The students say it deprives them of a time honored tradition. A civil rights complaint has been filed with the US department of education on behalf of a Florida's sixth grader this comes after a confrontation because the student refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance the complaint states. The eleven year olds rights were violated by eight reprisal because he exercised his constitutional rights. Not to take part in the pledge, the complaint also states the school resource officer unlawfully arrested and committed battery on a child and the school subjected him to racial discrimination. With the corporate culture felt more like family than a workplace labor disputes used to be non-existent at south west. But as we hear from ABC's Jim Ryan, the world's third busiest air commercial carrier is dealing with internal conflict. While bad weather was forcing some airlines to cancel flights last month at south west. It was something completely different as reported by ABC's David curly up because of unavailability of aircraft the airline calling it in operational emergency the airline blames mechanics inappropriately writing up planes to keep them on the ground and to gain leverage in contract. Talks south west has filed suit against the aircraft mechanics fraternal association to stop the practice. Jim Ryan ABC news, Dallas, if you know anything about a very expensive bottle of cognac that was stolen from Seekonk liquor store. It could be worth your while. It's a Remmy Martin bottle of cognac called Louis. The thirteenth, and it was stolen from Chris Goss, Burroughs, fine wine and spirits and Seekonk it's worth four thousand bucks. Well, it's a French. Cognac? It's not produced in quantities. Oftentimes, these things are aged to a certain extent, I've never been fortunate enough to taste this product. I haven't either that store manager Matt Eddie, he says the band had purloined pricey package from a locked cabinet when the store was very busy looking around being aware of his surroundings any it's not behind the blind spot where he tucked it into moods. Pants the bottle ten and he went up to the front register and. Apply and left from there..

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