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In sports history. Let's ask JBL. This could be the worst event in wrestling history agrees. Yeah when I was just might Amir pushed Fireberry Goodfellas, taxi driver and Fight Club. Don't do this to me Amir. Why would you do this to me? These are like three of my favorite movies. Obviously, I'm going to push Goodfellas. That's my favorite berry fight club and fire taxi driver, but I love all three so that's not right. I would I would push Fight Club very good Fellas fire Taxi Driver a fucking dare you sorry. I'm just I mean, I'm going to say that no matter what you say right? I know at least I didn't push Taxi Driver Goodfellas and fight club or like in my top five. Yeah both really good crazy Joe Martin which raw or Smackdown Superstar. Would you most like to see return to NXT to revive their career? We get this question almost every week. Yes, but Bobby Roode God sure, you know the 7th time's a charm. Yeah, Justin Stewart. I pretty much guarantee that the only reason they use slime on Raw is cuz Vince found some left over from the last time they used it on Kayla Braxton a segment that also involves Braun. Yeah. He remembered that happened. It was like we should pour more slime on him. Yeah. You learn about God James Mahoney. Why is it that everytime W stumbles across something off? Allure accidentally, they ruin it almost straightaway Kofi and now the hurt business losing the tag titles. Yeah. Yeah. Yep pop culture. Junkie. Push Fireberry boxing match against twenty-year-old Mike Jackson UFC fight against UFC Champion Brock Lesnar or a week-long sex marathon with Nia Jax. I mean clearly clearly fire, you know, Samantha minetti Jack's that sounds awful. I'd rather be murdered by Mike know I mean if we're being serious, you're still putting your dick in a vagina. Yeah, you know, it's still the same. It's better than being murdered by Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar. Yeah, I probably Fire Tyson and bury Lesnar. Yeah. Tyson is in rhyme. Yeah. Yeah, I fight Lesnar. I just have my manager throw in the towel as soon as yeah ding I'm done or I would have my manager get a Giants fan and come down in like swoop me. Yeah. Yep. Exactly Mike. I'm noticing Tom Phillips says award-winning Thunderdome every time to start the show. So my question is what award could they be talking about? My guess is a fucking slamming yet. That sounds about right so a couple of months ago. I mentioned a news that that actually wants some stupid award. Yeah some like it did win an award but some right bullshit award where I guess nothing else was better than this. Yeah, right, but there's probably like, oh the screens on The Voice the screens on. Yeah, you know this show and W W like this Fun to note. Here's your money. Yeah. Admil see is anyone else just waiting for Shane to re-enact his 2001 promo with Jack and the Beanstalk reading this time for Braun rather than big shot. I fucking how shame did that too big show. Yeah, you did 2001. Yeah and then rains did it's a big show in two thousand twenty thousand one, but real life did it's a big show in 2015. Yeah, so they just it's already been repeated. Remember that? Yeah, that was on the worst promo bread. It was it was magic beans and life went on for fucking ever. Yeah Devon, not a question. But how is Big Show's who saw that turned coming not made the soundboard shit. I guess that's the question. Yeah. I mean we just don't have room right now. I need to get a bigger sound. We need like a 90 button soundboard will need to get a will get a bigger sound board at some they have a bigger one. That's Thirty, you know likes just a lot of money. Yeah, Jason Klever update number 13. SummerSlam 98 was great. Triple H versus rocks Ladder Match was amazing and stone cold is really starting to solidify himself as one of the greats. Anyways, I'll throw out another question page or Christian. I know they're both not all-time Legends, but I've always thought they were severely underappreciated. I mean Eddie an all-time Legend Yeah, Eddie is definitely an all-time Legends. Perhaps a Christian here just because I thought I always thought like I feel like Christian really got the short end of the stick. You know, he wins the title after Edge has to relinquish it. Yeah, then lose to Orton like two days later. I would go ahead e knowed anymore. Yeah, and he had at least had a good run with the title. You know. Yeah, I think he was just saying like, who do you like bath? I guess. I don't know. Yeah man X the bolts. Hey guys be kind of the Pod for a monthly special. What about an old T N A pay-per-view recap. What rap song? If you want to do a good one to enjoy may be bound for Glory 2012. If you want one that sucks to make fun of it Victory Road 2011. I think we all know what happened. There is not Victory Road to be given when Jeff was said and couldn't fight sting and things like this fucking bullshit. Yeah. Yeah. I mean if everyone wants it then we'll do a TNA show. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I am looking for suggestions. Yeah, I'm Raj Molly question for Hamilton. Would you rather be trapped in a romantic comedy with Josh or trapped in a horror movie with Andrew and Joe? Is is just his romantic interest in the right? I'm feeling Crush would probably be like like my rival. Yeah, and I look I love you and Joe your best friend. That's like save it for marriage. Yeah, right that fucking idiot. Like I love you and Joe but like, you know, like I you know how much planning I always have to do for Mania. So trying to keep you guys alive. Fuck. Yeah, you'd be fun. Yeah, so I guess I'll do a romantic comedy with Josh and he can be like the guys like I got to wait till three days. Donald Alexander. How would you all pick for each error attitude ruthless aggression and today as your hottest female one from each month. So Attitude Era would be like Sunny Lita Trish. Right or is Trish know Tricia's attitude? Yeah, I'm Lena's attitude. Yeah, Sonny, I guess technically is right sure. It's sunny or Lita. I would go to sleep in a leader was really freaking and then ruthless aggression Stacy Keibler was in that one. So I'm choosing her. Yeah. We're Tori Tori Rawson. Yeah Choice then and then hottest today. I mean God you have Alexa you have Sasha. Yeah, we had Zelena Mandy that.

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