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Gears talking. So you do you and From the access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom. I'm B J. Williams. We've had some mishaps on the lakes around north Georgia for the Fourth of July weekend. We'll talk about a few of those incidents and have more news as well. It's been a crystal clear drive here on the fifth of July, and it's starting to wind down. I'm Caleb Hutchins. I'll have another look at traffic after news and weather ring returns tomorrow becomes likely. When's day Thursday and Friday. And we're tracking the risks with mornings on Main Street Coming up on Wdun Good morning to everyone. A boat fire on Lake Linear sent two people to an Atlanta area hospital Saturday. Hall County Fire Services Division chief Zack Brackets says this fire broke out near Big Creek Park and resulted in two adults being transported Grady Hospital with burn related injuries. A cause of that fire is under investigation by the Hall County Fire Marshal's office. More details expected to be provided at some point this week, the fourth of July holiday also marred by a drowning death on northeast Georgia's Lake Hartwell yesterday. Georgia D N. R. Says a 22 year old man was pulled from the water by the time authorities got to the big Oak Day Use area yesterday evening, right around 5 50. He died at the scene. For now. His name is being withheld. Also in the Hartwell area over the weekend. An accident during a race at Hartwell Speedway ended with the death of one person and the entry of two others, including a child. Wdun Lauren Hunter tells us what happened, according to a report from the Georgia State Patrol, the steering shaft of a race car broke during the race, causing the car to crash into a nearby wall and fence. Several Spectators were hit by the fence as a result of the crash, including 57 year old Paul Bollinger of Royston, who was pronounced dead at the scene. And then identified 11 year old was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital with injuries and another spectator reported minor injuries. The driver of the race car 36 year old John Bohannon, of Toccoa, was not injured. Donations pouring in for the family of a golf pro from Kennesaw Jean Sylar died Saturday after a man drove a pickup truck onto the golf course and shot him in the head That was on the 10th hole of the Pine Tree Country Club. Investigators saying yesterday two additional bodies were found in the bed of the pickup truck. The suspect left that truck behind on the golf course go fund me account has been set up to help Sylar's family. Wdun news time. 8 34 Lawrenceville man finds himself in trouble with Gwinnett County Police were pointing a laser at the cockpit of a police helicopter. Investigators say Theodore Row, was arrested Thursday after he was caught on police video pointing that laser at the helicopter is as it was making some surveillance rounds in the Lawrenceville area. The pilot of the helicopter was able to guide officers on the ground to the location of the laser Rose case also going to the F A a for a federal investigation schools across Georgia, urging parents to start the process of vaccinating their Children before classes start this fall. But some parents in one Georgia said he aren't really convinced yet, officials in the Columbus area say now is the time to vaccinate your Children that are of age to receive one. Pam Kirkland, communications director for the Department of Public Health. Tells WBBM that it's important not to wait until the last minute to get vaccinated. The only difference is that anyone who was underage under the age of 18 has to have their parental consent or their guardian consent. But many parents and Children are still unsure about getting the Covid vaccine. Columbus parent Holly Powers tells w. T v. M. She's worried about peer pressure to vaccinate her kids. I'm on the fence about him already not really excited about New vaccinations. Already. Some Children also say they're worried about getting the shot. That's GNN, Rossiya, Rivera and trade workers who have.

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