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Suspect accused in the 2019 fatal shooting of lounge. County Sheriff Big John Williams has been indicted on capital murder charges. Court records show was handed down against 19 year old William Chase Johnson yesterday after a grand jury met considering the evidence. Court documents say that Johnson shot the sheriff in the parking lot of a convenience store because Johnson had been asked to turn his music down the Alabama Apartment of Labor reporting, one of the largest single weekend creases and first time unemployment claims says the start of the pandemic and five Alabama football players air declaring for the NFL draft, Mac Jones, Jalen Waddle, Patrick Surtain, Dylan Moses and Christian bar more all making an official Jones describing the decision this way we all want to play in the NFL and listen to my family. Prayed and thought about it. And, you know, I just can't take enough people. I'm Leah Brandon, and this is Alabama's morning news. Now back to your host. Here's J T. All right, Leah. Thanks very much. I appreciate it is sick. So formed Alabama's Morning news. Well, it's Friday. Here we go and lots going on this morning. We're gonna be talking with variously from CBS Sports. Ah, little bit later this morning on the his thoughts on the national championship and also the coaching shuffling going on around the SEC. So an update with Baird On the way as well. And Kevin planning in our movie guy will stop in Liam Neeson's Got a new movie out, and I love Liam Neeson movies right? They might all be the same, but I love every one of them. I mean, he just gets after it, and we'll find out what that movie's about. Plus what's hot in the streaming world and anything new with Kevin Flanagan coming up a little bit later this morning as well, the craziness going on in our country, the effects on us when it comes to our health. Be talking with Dr Lim later this morning. It's 6 40. I don't know how it affects us and what we can do to help our own health in this. She's crazy, Trying times we're going through right now. As you heard top of the hour there, Joe Biden. Wants to give us some more stimulus. Money. Sounds good, right? I guess he'll just go ahead and get that back when he raises our taxes. Yeah, thanks, Joe. Oh, Maura. Debt for us National debt Rising like crazy. So give out more money. I mean, we're just gonna get everything free now, right with this new administration. Isn't that how it works? About my getting a free cell phone with this deal. I think Obama gave this one right. Isn't Joe gonna? You will have to wait and see. But I'm looking forward to the free stuff. I'll give you that much. All right. Also. This is so crazy. There's a couple of Bitcoin stories going on right now. First of all, the guy from San Francisco David, let's go with Delish 14 year. The guy from San Francisco who can't remember the password on his hard drive. It's got $220 million where the Bitcoin in it, he says, quote He's made peace with never getting that money back. People are offering various solutions everything from the silly to like. For example, one person suggested. Have you tried the word password so that that was one. Some people have recommended various mediums, psychics profits that I could talk to you. Oh, wow. This guy forgot his password. He had it written down on a piece of paper lost the piece of paper. So he's trying to remember it. You only get 10 guesses at the password and then Bitcoin just, you know. Gets rid of it and completely locks you out forever. So he's used eight of those guesses, and he's down to two. I guess there's not an 800 Bitcoin customer service number he can call. Hmm. And another Bitcoin story. You're back in 2013, A guy in England named James howls throughout an old hard drive. It had the password toe 7500 Bitcoins he'd bought In 2009. He's been trying to get a landfill to help him dig it up because the net worth is about $250 Million.0. My gosh, Listen to this assumes, like put it in the bin at home. I had a second thought, You know, you've never thrown a hard drive eight before. Why start now? You know, a little demon in the back.

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