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That's good morning it's 9 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s here and back over to Jack in the traffic center I will start in Maryland with the good ride on two 70 coming out of Frederick You'll find the brake lights around father Hurley boulevard running south of 27 continuing down into Gaithersburg pace improves after Montgomery village avenue Then you were a little heavy leaving the southbound spur onto the outer loop The inner loop of the beltway was a little bit heavy riding up the hill from Connecticut avenue toward Georgia outer loop definitely slow 95 over toward Georgia avenue Unclear if it's still along the left side inner loop down near arena drive we had word of an earlier crash along that left side There was an overturned vehicle toward Baltimore I 95 northbound leaving 8 95 at the split toward one 95 there's still activity along the far right side of the roadway Also we'd had trouble in Bowie earlier eastbound on four 50 having your bell station road that involved an overturned vehicle earlier had just a single lane getting by Really not a big delay right now That you'll find in Virginia We had some slowing on 66 going eastbound first down near 29 cenva crash in the right lane then after the rest area we'd had a broken down vehicle moved off the roadway to the left shoulder Watch on the northbound George Washington Parkway work up near the overlook stay and write to get by southbound slowed down toward the inbound key bridge You'll find we'd had a delay on three 95 It was just heavy passing duke headed up towards seminary then we're definitely slow round boundary channel drive headed toward the inbound 14th Slow inside the beltway 66 east moving into Rosalind to get up onto the Roosevelt bridge Slowing in the district we'd had some delays on D.C. two 95 south eastern avenue toward east capitol street little delay still with us north on I two 95 to exit going inbound on the 11th watch on Brentwood Parkway between mount olivet road and Penn street in northeast you may be under direction from a crash Hauser dot com is a next generation real estate agency for the next generation of homeowners flat fee listings salaried agents and cash offers The new way to buy and sell homes Learn more at Hauser dot com Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Our forecast now from Samara Theodore Sunny conditions out there high temperatures in the low 60s today really just a beautiful day tonight partly cloudy chilly but not as cold as night's pass we're in the mid 40s tomorrow a bit more cloud coverage around and.

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