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And a sense of hatred that they sense in the media for trump area no you're out like hardcore trump i think that that is i think that that is true um i still think that um there is there may be a sense of exhaustion hero at the end of it that four years of this you can see people saying nama i can't i can't handle another four like this but a may not be look i would be the last to say because i like so many others under estimated him in two thousand sixteen so i would never underestimate him now but i need to get back to your story sure everybody knows about donald trump but i want to talk about your story and i wanna start with your your family and grown up in los angeles your dad was a producer yet tell me about him in tell me let's go back just a couple of your family your dad were is ju was jewish new mom halfway haflinger um but whether their families come from yes so you know my dad grow up in new york in the bronx off grand concourse and his father died when he was 4 and his mother was someone with whom he was not now is the father where when did the family get here the family had gotten here i think his father had been born in what is now belarus and he had come here in his in his dad was in the in the beat transportation business his uncle his his mother's brothers were very successful businessmen they owned a restaurant a delhi and they did very well but my grandmother on my father side always kind of struggled and kind of had a live off off her siblings and all of that created a real chip on my dad's shoulders so he was in wanted to be an actor he wanted to get in show business and everybody thought he was crazy don ginsburg he changed his name to gregory.

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