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The cardinals and good news is as you prepare if you're at work in your office in close early in the roads are in better shape than they were just a couple of hours ago maybe not the side streets but certainly the main roads in a little bit better shape marginally will say in most of the snow has tapered off we're going to get maybe an additional one to two before midnight but that's even on the generous side Steve Templeton join me live at two o'clock this afternoon said maybe maybe just an inch or less than that he'll join us at four forty on came once a did mention we have an audio cut the day coming up here the the new cardinals calendar is out the twenty twenty cardinals calendar which is always a great unless the stocking stuffer to the might be tough to fit in the stock if it is a great holiday present Elizabeth Meineke from the cardinals coming up at four twenty we have radio back this afternoon Dave I think we do we were gonna be blessed with Chris Rady back from the winter meetings for fifteen for forty five so we did talk about this a little bit on the round table and by the way great great response thank you so much for the generosity I have the I have the bikes for Tykes numbers here somewhere we we had a great turn out with all our inner calm stations from around the you know the area all the generosity from around the area donating bikes for Tykes and money and we did a great I can't find the I'll look for here we got all the numbers in the totals were amazing but we talked about the the plan this is a story I think they came out well it's been kind of bubbling for last couple weeks about by state taking over the failed loop trolley it doesn't seem like a good idea to me on its surface able accounting they will as county counsel mark Carter's with this afternoon to talk about it mark how are you are you mark hi good how this county roads more importantly Hey we're trying we're trying to stay ahead of them this is been coming down a different birds so our spending on overtime and trying to keep up it's it's hard on a day like this it really you know and I I'm one of those cautious drivers and I mentioned this earlier I just tried to turn on to one forty one from the area where a if it was a bit of a downhill slope even taking it easy I almost ended up in a ditch so you can be care and then you have people that don't take it easy so it's a bad combination speaking of a bad combination that'll be our Segway here into the the by St Louis trolley issue I guess even though this thing is a pose when it comes to let by say take over and salvage whatever might be left here they're gonna look at this right as a possibility so we're we're are you I think it's just throwing bad money after good or good money after bad I suppose is the way to put it but look the key here is you don't wanna lose future highway funds right I mean that's always been the threat that they've come up with is that you know this would make the great chamber add to the feds but the feds are as much to blame in this situation as everybody else I mean maybe they gave these grants or while back tone number of different trolley type of of transportation projects cross country and almost all of them are either failing or have failed in the way that they were constructed in the way that they did not get the riders I will promise so they're they're partly to blame here as well but I think what by state is trying to do is is maybe jump and then see if there's anything that could be done and see if they can resurrect this but it's going from last I heard it's going to be closed through February until they can figure that out well in let's say they they can't figure it out the I mean look how how much longer can you just extend the sing out before it's going to be a certain death because you need hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and I think that maybe even the supporters would admit that the ridership numbers are way off in the Rosie is predictions yeah yeah and and there were there I mean they they they had a hard time getting ten percent of their projections summer how far off you can be and this this whole project has been as you know right from the start every projection was off from the cost of building this thing to ridership to revenue you name it everything was off and I just can't believe how they missed the mark on on this project that they did well you you raise a good point because I I do think that in the end here where you you know start to look at what happened with this project and you measure love to look into some of those others too there has to be some accountability for future programs when it comes to just tossing money down the drain over projects that aren't worth while I mean I don't know we're in the process that that really needs to be we have the focus on because I I you know again these things get it's such a big bureaucracy mark you know that it's big enough at the county level you start getting to the federal level with projects that are being proposed and then you you know you look for approval and grant money it's hard probably even to clamp down on a situation like this with the doubles it is and you know these are projects that are from conception to actual ribbon cutting are sometimes ten year projects in over multiple administrations the you know I know if you follow the the same they have a trolley up in Kansas city that was built about the same time and it just basically loops around downtown in a kind of looks like a bullet train that goes down the street in their case and now they're giving away free ridership because again given by allied it so you know our loop trolley Chargers to box I believe and they're giving away free rides up there just to get people ride it but it's the problem is it's trolley to know where and so people don't connect it looks like they are going to take over some kind of management try to figure this out and maybe try to resurrect it for the spring and and see where it goes but we've we've as our council decided that in our funding for by state that we made sure that none of the money that we are giving them for their normal budget operations none of that money will be used for the loop trolley and we got them the promise that to us so they get their normal funding but they can't spend it on trolley function so they're going to come up with another source mark cost cutting on there and to get the money needed to manage this project well I mean I I don't know if you could ever cut costs enough to to account for this I think you're gonna have to have private dollars it's step in but it seems rather ambitious at this point then the question becomes if this thing goes belly up so you're not going to spend the money to pull out the the rail lines and things like that right I would write yes I would hope not I mean I in the end the funny thing is that everybody advocated for a boss type of trolley for this project and Joe Edwards in may and the backers down there said now it's got to be authentic rail driven Lecter Trevin type of trolley and they've had nothing but problems with it from the day one of this project so you know it there's some illegal here that needs to subside I think if we're going to make us go you know my even my wife said you know why did they just try a boss type trolley for a year and see what kind of rider ship that is and see if you can not just the schedules and go places or you want to go and see if you got some interest before you invest fifty one million dollars in a in a project like this you could invested you know a couple hundred thousand a bus yeah Intergraph there's even any demand why would I want to do something like that that might make sense we'd rather waste tax part payer dollars mark that would be a smarter move mark Carter county councilman always great if I don't talk to before have a great Christmas mark I appreciate it you too bye have a good one I think it is an example though of how these federal dollars just get tossed around maybe more blatant example of this would be naturally because if we're really being honest when it looks when you look at the ridership numbers and everything else that betulinic has provided I get you have to have a a public transportation system in a large metro area but the buses were fine probably until the the light rail came along and that's great for people use it but when you look at bang for your Buck it's still a boondoggle is well this however is is different because you can do something a kind of deep in the but I think it'd be great India with many of these transportation issues the light rail would be a primary example of the be awesome if we had war of an extensive system here in Saint Louis but you can't pay for it so if you don't have the return on investment the withdrawal is a good example if you wanted to give uber vouchers I would tell a few weeks ago sorry had to clear my throat and Netflix set me in for the Irishman event and they gave me over codes to use because they were picking up the bill so I would fly into the airport and they they sent me an overcoat and I had I think I had like seven or eight trips that I could use throughout the course of that three days and then they expired you could use it again so I was thinking maybe I can use and when I go to well as in Vegas last week could do with that I bring it up because if you look at the amount of money that was spent on this trolley in you city the amount of uber codes you could have sent out for people to go from the Tivoli to our hill I think would have been quite impressive nine Alyssa school is picking up an entire street forcing businesses out and making it more difficult for people to get around in you city.

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