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I think Milwaukee's other hope is, you know, I'm curious to see this coach Boston has been an elite offensive team now too. For the last 45 games their defense has gotten all the attention justifiably. So they're like a top I think they're second and offense since January 1st. I think Milwaukee's hope in this series, one of their hopes is grant Williams Al Horford, Derek white, Marcus smart. We're going to dare you to shoot threes. And we don't believe you're shooting a percentages in the case of grant Williams and Horford of late are sustainable. We do believe you're shooting percentages in the case of Marcus smart and Derek white, are sustainable. So my question to you is like Boston around Tatum and Brown is just a social shooting team, but it doesn't seem like it because of how they move the ball and how those two stars are such great shot makers. Why is and grant Williams is shot 40% from three. That's real. Maybe that's a real thing and he's just a great shooter, no, I don't know. But how is Boston able to be so damn good offensively, which with what I think is just okay shooting around its stars and all we hear about is shooting, shooting, shooting. How are they able to be that good offensively? Well, I think Robert Williams, the lob threat, helps them, him being back. I think that the ability of like you mentioned Horford to spread the floor, not get small, see, I think they have very good overall size. So to be able to keep the size on the floor and still have enough shooting with grant Williams and Horford tice can make an occasional three, I think you're right, Derek white's going to have to shoot the ball better. You know what Milwaukee's going to do defensively and you know what Boston is going to do? I think it's a sign of a great team when you can you know exactly what they're going to do because they are so resolute in what they believe and how they're going to defend. So I think game one there'll be no surprises as far as schemes match up things like that. And I think it's going to really just come down to and going back to your offensive thing. I think Tatum his passing ability has always been there, but the consistency of his willingness to draw the second offender and create open shots. I mean, again, I hate comparison because it is truly the thief of joy, but he has right now some Dončić genome as far as that size to be able to see over defense. And that willingness to pick people apart. I think he's been, I think they're the best team left right now. And for many reasons, but a large part is because he's been so willing to be a defensive stalwart and offensive igniter. Well, he was the best player against Brooklyn in a series with Kevin Durant. If he's the best player in this series, Boston's gonna win if he's close if it's Yanis, but it's close, Boston is gonna win. By the way, coach, before I let you go I have to say, I thought I thought of you yesterday. There's a passage in Chris herrings book about the Knicks about you thinking so much about basketball that you drove into your garage door, I think where you were driving, right? Like the garage door was not open and you mind was on the game and you forgot to open it and just drove into it. Yeah, Grant Hill. People now hear him as a broadcaster and card owner and head of USA basketball and all that, right? And I think so many of your fans would have no realization that he was so dominant early in his career before injury. And so Gran hill when I was coaching the Knicks was as big a problem as anybody could be to you. He was a point forward and he could run pick and roll with any combination. They Doug Collins did a great job of surrounding him with shooting and they ran a lot of different wrinkles. So we had just played them and he had diced us up pretty good. And so we were playing them, you know, like one of those quirks and the NBA schedule where you get them a week later and so I was coming home from shoot around and you know I had like the driveway like in like a lot of people doing New York where you go uphill and then you turn into your garage. I did that. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the garage door opener. And so Grant Hill caused me to make pay out a lot to the repairman to give us a new garage door and I'll forever be upset with him about how much he cost me. But the good part of that story is it wasn't in vain, at least we won that night. So yesterday afternoon I went on a grocery run and in my head, I've got all this stuff ruining. Three game 6 is tonight. How am I gonna juggle watching all three of those games? I got a podcast in the morning so I gotta watch them all tonight, start to finish, take my notes, I gotta start previewing sixers heat just in case and I got a column to write and I got NBA today and I get in the car and I back out of the garage now at least the garage door was open, but we have a very tight garage, very tight garage my Honda civic is like I've got a foot and a half on each side of the Honda civic. And I'm just spacing out and I back out not paying attention to the fact that the right side of the Honda civic is about to smash into the side of our garage door frame and I hear and I oh my God, I just pulled a Jeff van Gundy and I get out the right bumper is like hanging off the car. There's anti freeze dripping out of the front and I'm like this is so bad, man. I got a lot of problems. No, no, that's true. And I'll give you another one. I'm not a great driver. So my brain was in Houston to do a game. And so he had brought his wife, so we're going to go get something to eat. So he came to my house Uber to my house. And I'm chatting on backing out of my driveway. Forgot to open up the or forgot that the gate, it was open, then for some reason, I hit it, hit the button, and it was closing, and.

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