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Ridiculous and I'm like well can you at least admit that this shit is extremely creepy and weird and we'll never know if he did do it. No it didn't do it like we were in the room. He literally could not have done it impossible i. I don't know that I wouldn't let my kids stay over there. I mean you wouldn't either Lizardo. Reveal that she still struggles despite having a year full of success. Sometimes I breakdown Accra. Yes she's you know of course face a lot of backlash criticism stuff but she's also been like entertainer two year All that stuff got a bunch of eight grammy nominate the nation's certified platinum album So yes she set for March two now our experience a little bit happiness. I was not happy with the way AFFELDT to my body. She said I didn't feel sexy and I didn't know when it was going to end there were times when I would go on the stage and be like Y'all I'm not gonNA lie. I feel myself sometimes. I breakdown and cry. Even as album garnered her most the most grammy nominations at any artists this year. She confessed. Sometimes she does have to censor ourselves in negative the criticism. I have to bite my tongue on starting things when people challenged my talent. They deserve to be here. The challenge my blackness. I'm like oh I can easily just let your ass Let's ask no right now. That are in now in one thirty one hundred thirty two characters while you're the fuck while you're fucking wrong yet I think that's our answer into Reo Lennox it. 'cause I mean people try to act like there's a way to not be disrespectful to hire but also be like I. I should've one. Well I want and today's make it about blackness. Yeah you talking about me you know. Does that's like people. I think people are Lennox. Almost they tried to act like you can do both. You just can't unfortunately there's no fucking way if we were for a podcast award and somebody else wanted this year and we going off about how we deserved it will. We also are saying that they didn't yes you are. You know we start. Taking random shots is Kinda at what they do but Yeah it's also interesting too because This is another example of why these people being alive so much of what their content is sharing that lives with us and instagram. And all this stuff but we also expect them to be Kinda like museum pieces untouchable art we comment on that has no desert respond back. Yeah so you know it's kind of interesting to see like the pressures of that cracking you you know and we know happens but in the past. We just haven't had the window into these. These people's lives with social media correct so in the past we've had artists killed themselves and shit. Wow who could have known they were so troubled and then later they they address us and they did this and there was that and they try to commit suicide before they covered it up and said it was stress related or something. And we'll it's like when all this happened it's uh-huh but now you can go. Instagram live in your lowest or highest moments. And everybody sees it. Oh Yes sir As she told Time I didn't WANNA be famous. But she said I wanted to be like brand new boy from incubus. I just want to go to the farmer's market. Jim Days is oh baby yes somebody what else to go to the farmer's market on your behalf that's the byproduct of sharing tyler with the world. Liked them you know But Ah yes the the thing is like depending on who you like Shit. It depends on how people evaluate that the situations you you know 'cause Ireland is definitely was questioning the blackness of Lizard Her music. And if if she wasn't her fans were so maybe let's say what her fans and the discussion online became lizard. Does it make black music. She's not black enough. And you know she makes trapper keeper BOPs and Shit like that in one of those things got ugly out like real fast and then the idea is will. It won't affect her and we're not the bullies were even though you're you know you're discussing are even though you know people see this shit is people like took it there you know. So let's say Ari didn't people did they. Did you know what I mean so like the then and this is what I want people to grasp about like the Internet. Shit the the idea that this is in a vacuum and that these people are like the robots. That's not how it works. No that's not how you go work like there were people in many of them this days and shit but minium just normal people that reporter one eight hundred and adding her talking shit about her. I'm sure the backlash for a fucking food delivery shit. I'll share that. Also people sitting on I used against the people and humid and so it bothers them move. We can see it for certain people but not others based on like you know hungry. Linda's head of human moment. She lost in fucking you know award. She thought she would win in front of everybody and he's on twitter sharing things right. The fuck away you know and I think also I think is weird. Is that the people that specifically target some of these celebrities are saying ones that were loud enough for representation reputation and all this type of stuff and then all of a sudden one day just corny. And I don't like you anymore and I'm throwing you away And Society but I want us to see the humanity and black women and all this shaves you know and I think if you believe in if you buy hype or if you believe those people when they tell you those things thanks. It's got to hurt a lot would find out. It's all bullshit you know so I I don't know that's crazy. But that's what people used to say low buyers that she shared her house air lows and she was real. And now now now sees you know catches a lot of flack from at least a lot of black people on it. But I still like her album to me. Do and Ireland is album too. So Hammond listen in Harris is good. It's good shit so All right let's get into something else. Let's see how about Disinfect them a black people..

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