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You know, ever like could I get a phone and he's? Like he's like oh sorry. No. Like celebrities. Just have a rule of like, no. I've heard Chris Pratt is openly said like he doesn't mean Chris good friends that patriot can make half. I think I'd made a photo. Chris Pratt stuff. Oh, you haven't checked. I am not. I think I would ask for a photo if it was something like kinda funny. Like if I saw guy e-e-eddie I'd be like, all right? I'm getting a photo with guy fee eighty. Oh, man. I got a photo with Nick Crompton that was like one of these down. That's great. That's smart. I was like because it was it was maybe a few months. It was maybe a few months after its every day, bro. And who says prime Crompton? Yeah. Crawling companies everyone's fats. We all peak Crump that we can all agree. Nick Crompton is the true here is no heart and soul of he was the heart and soul of team ten. Yeah. I didn't like him for a while. But then I was like, and then we watched the documentary. I was like, wow, you're smart. Like, you have a brain. Yeah. He actually hit me up when when we're when smash. Defy collapsed. He actually hit me up and was like it was like looking for some. He was trying to get in there. And try to say he was trying to look for a way to like Trump ten. So weird. We got a call. We got a call seven. It didn't. But but anyway, so yeah, I Assam at a party at bitcon. And I was like I gotta get a photo with with Crompton got to. And I was like came in England's my city to and he's like, oh, I didn't even mean to say. Skew there's nice guy because there is one youtuber that if I saw them getting a photo of and that's Danny sex bang, huge fan of him have been for a long time. And I know a lot of people, I know know him, but I'm gonna like I'm not trying to force it right to happen naturally. But you're saying if I were to set up a meeting and all I'm saying is please help me meet Danny sex bang. Okay. I would love that got such a fan. I know I know I know it's very realistic for me to embarrass me Shane. Yeah. If I if I'm going to drink a leader of celery juice before I meet, Danny sex. And just dump dump right in front of. He's just like, hey, how's it going, man? I just crapped myself. Yeah. Yeah. That's the goal. I'm a fan of both. Both the game grams. I'm a huge fan of. And I've seen Erin. I saw him at vid con. And I was just kinda like freaking out near him. Yeah. But 'cause yeah. My role of like, I'm not going to go greet them, whatever. But I've heard they're the nicest people. Yeah. So I know if I went up and met them, they'd be cool. Yeah. They're both incredibly nice Danny sex bang is specifically the one music's great his music is credible. He's such a chill, dude. Yeah..

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