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Days where you're withholding that vaccine. And someone vulnerable dies. Are you responsible? Are you responsible for it? Was two extra days that we have to keep these mandates in place that keep restaurants closed and gym's closed. Are you responsible for the deal with any responsibility s so you can just put out a press release to say. Hensley administration reviewed and we say these vaccines are safe. In fact, according to us, they're 94.5%. Effective. But like, but that that Z what Fizer said. That's also what we said. You're quoting the Fizer press release, But it's in our press release. Got it? You know what it's about? By the way, people did ask me because he did this interview on MSNBC without a mask. And of course, when he does the coronavirus briefings. While socially distance from other people. He does wear a mask. Now. Yeah. I believe he's taking the mask off, mostly because he wants to get his profile out there because not everyone knows what he looks like. We know what he looks like, because he's our governor. But nationally, people don't really know what he looks like. And I think he's doing it to raise his profile. But when I reached out to the governor's office, because I was just kind of curious what they would say I kind of knew what they were going to say. Which is what they did end up, say when it does the coronavirus press briefings here. There are other people in the room. Because he's got the interpreter and he's got the pool reporter of the pool camera person, But when he does the hits on TV, the staff sets up the computer for him because he can't figure it out. He doesn't know how to turn on his phone. They leave, and he's in the room alone, which I do kind of question. You think he's left alone in any room? Ever? Everybody out everybody out again. MSNBC on right now, I know. Do you mean to tell me that the mask he wears during coronavirus task Force press briefings. Is a virtue signal Jason. It is It's totally a virtuous a visit. Need to wear it inside when he socially doesn't from all these other people who presumably are being tested and You mean to tell me that our governor would ever virtue signal? The people are stupid Speaking of people being stupid, Let's find out what else is trending. What's trending You can't make this up. Have you heard of the show The crown? I've briefly scrolled past it. Yes, yes, everyone. A pair old people love the crown on Netflix. It's about the Queen of Ng. I guess I'm actually not entire. It's about Princess Margaret. And she's British royalty. Yeah, that And everyone loves it. It's on Netflix. It stars Helena Bonham Carter. She actually plays Princess Margaret. I guess the queen is played by what's her face. From the movie that Queen Don't know who? What's your faces? I love her, and I can't remember her name. She wanted Oscar for that movie. Anyway. She was on a podcast. They have an official podcast for the show The crown. And she said, Basically, Netflix should have a moral obligation. To put a warning on the fictional drum of the crown, so people don't confuse it for something more Nonfiction E. It is dramatize. I do feel very strongly because I think We have a moral responsibility to say how guys, This is not his. This isn't what are telling it is not drunk. So we're making a drama. So They are two different, different entities. I know that because I'm not stupid. None of us are confusing this With a documentary. It is a trauma, Have we? Not all at this point been conditioned to understand that even when watching a movie or TV show based.

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