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DOT COM XIV called podcast where you can also give us a little bit of money and then you have access to what we're going to have in the future which is a discord channel where here we actually a book and Bitch Discord Channel where we're going to talk about the bugs like Azra reading them. You might get extra like content. You might know about the books folks. We're GonNa read before anybody else does he can read ahead of time right ahead cool cool little trinkets and things. I'll they got so many. We've got all kinds of ideas. It's true Jenny. How about you tell the audience about yourself about me well. Let's see I feel like I'm kind of a very boring person in the lease or person I well. Let's see I really love writing. I would say that's probably like my main my main thing. I love fine. Thank you so much. I love teaching writing. I love talking about writing. I love the actual physical act of writing reading other people's writing which we actually talked about in and so if you are listening to passive you're not again go to that area but Jenny was honored gave a Thrill Code where she talked about teaching writing being an like. She's really are go to writing. She's the off he minded. I think he just came up with a new tagline. I well this is kind of how it all started because we on Co op and we ended up kind of monopolizing the conversation with books and then we're like wait the minute wait. Let's get back like we started talking about. Harry Potter episode throws only Gosh which which is the book technically yes technically which I haven't got to read. All the way through Jesse has though so you guys had really great book. It has been so long since I read through the books though she make that no now. I'm not even going to suggest like we try to do read all of them. No absolutely no uh-huh pretend like I read all ninety man like I don't even think we could do that with like Harry Potter Yeah No. I think that'd be too much. We've come to him line. ooh. Let's break the mob. You love it then. We'll do like seven episode Harry Potter. They're like Harry. Potter podcast wins the a Harry Potter like month on Spec- for something else now we'll ginny. That's a December and okay and I in March. I think yes I wanna say we could coordinate with that but I think there's any month goes yeah. How about this <hes>. How about we ask you a couple of questions so we came up with a few questions. We're not just I'm not just like the best interviewer in the world where I'm just coming up with questions off the top of my head. Eh By what book would you like to see turned into a movie. ooh I would really love to see motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan. Lethem turned into a movie at such the characters in it are so rich and vivid the I think to see them. Come alive on screen would be so interesting and I will. I'll say this when we were thinking about what we're going to answer these questions. I was like I better look this up Assif. It's not a movie already. It's about to be a movie November. I which which were kind of during something so reading a book at the end of August in haven't been to our website. Go look it. Is the movie it or the book it by. I Stephen King Yeah. We're reading it so that when the movie comes out we making this compare Yada Yada. You should do that with obviously obviously you should. It's such an interest. I've never read it. Oh it's so interesting it's about this man that has threats and he's living in Brooklyn and he's motherless us how Brooklyn of him right knee like falls in with this gang of like other kind of like kids and people that don't have mothers or like a family and kind of along the way he becomes a detective of sorts. I'm studying has threats not obviously kind of gets in the way of being you know a little bit sly and sneaky. We are not as good at being those things. Leave how terrorists unfortunately. I don't think that it keeps you for big. Slice Niki detect them no <music> but it definitely it through some challenges your way okay. It's a good book a hundred percent. We're going to read it. How about this. WHO's your favorite author author. Ooh So Shirley Jackson as one of my favorite authors but since we're already highlighting her yes today you'll to hear it. I was like touching Jesse's fault because she's on Jesse side of these deaths Jesse's my co-host in Copa Buck as he was kind enough to lend me aside. I complaint yeah. No He's like we have to get genia little fiction for her to decorate and stuff like that so does that mean to put car stuff on my side with Richard Richard and Jesse ultimately start whatever park their car podcast Ab- cake but go on Shirley Jackson not yeah yeah for this one. I'll go ahead as eighty Smith. Zanies Smith is by far one of my favorite authors. I would absolutely love if I could meet her. In person. Listen Someday Hayes Eighty Smith Yeah. If you're listening today. Please come to the Pacific northwest. She teaches at Columbia though creative the Friday. Oh that's really cool. I didn't know she taught there yeah. She lives in Eklund for a long time and then I think she came over here specifically for that job. I could be wrong. Please don't hate me Internet. That's wrong they want. They can't hate you. Gosh she's super cool. I would love to meet her and she's such a fashion icon to. I know she's so fashionable. We're I'm. GonNa talk about fashion. In this podcast we have to it coincides it. Does it really does how about your favorite poet. ooh. Definitely Wallace Stevens Sunday <music> warning guests Sunday morning the one poem that I've read over and over and over and over. It's almost like my like security. Blanket poems guests like anytime during in my life where I'm like. I just need to like focus and become oh when it though okay pat so Sunday morning is super long. It's it's broken into a couple of different sections and it spans many pages reading it. Out loud takes about seven to eight minutes in total. It's not an option yeah. Actually when I was in college I ran our literary publication and we used to do open mic readings all the time. And for our very last one I was like okay guys. I'm a senior. This is my absolute last one. You all have to listen to me. Read Sunday more. Excuse me while I take the entirety of your evening but yeah. Why don't you tell me what about yourself? Okay Oh yes okay so again. My name is raven like you said a minute call. I'm in a podcast about nerdy things. I love really the everything I'm very interested in like fantasy and also really like historical fiction which is kind of just off. I don't know why I think it's like my dad is a history teacher so I've always been a little bit more interested in history but those kind of the books I like but I mean I end up talking about just literally anything create them all the time because I'm very much into like tabletop talk R._p._G.'s so I play a lot of attention and dragons which is a lot of like creative thought process. There's a lot of like back story that goes into creating your own story story and then recently have been doing a lot more <hes> the dungeon mastering the heads it create my own world so I love reading these books like one of my most recent characters. I based off of kind of off of constance from we've always lived in the castle yeah. No it's really really good and the next book that we talk about. I kind of based one of my characters on a D.. Stream that endearing office so I mean I get a lot of my inspiration from literature and just kind of everything but yet this yeah we'll dungeons and dragons. This is almost like historical fiction. You have this whole like world that's already built out with all of these things that have happened and all these rules and how things already behave right exactly and it is Kinda cool though because a lot of resettling people have been bringing out of that like in modern literature help people have been trying to break out like the stereotypical stereotypical ideas of race and what it means to be a woman and what it means spe- <hes> the sex that you are when what that means to the story story a lot of people have been doing that in dungeons and dragons us well and like all these other tabletop gaming so that's so interesting to be a part of so full of it so good ed I love it will tell us what book would you like to be seen made into movie okay. I'll start my first one off with a fantasy. <hes> book series actually just read the first one and working on the second one right now is the dragon land series. We should base off dungeons and dragons. Oh Nice. It's really good right. It's it's like it's what we need. I think they might actually try to create it into something with like the witcher being turned into a series I think like they're doing the wheel of time series which is Jesse's favorite fantasy like series like the market might be oversaturated in fantasy but the books are just so good because the world is built out but it's not not like with game of thrones where you have to know literally everything about everything so it makes it really easy to follow in the characters is really great because one of the main characters like a natural born leader by he is a half Elf so he's having to deal with how elves cannot stand band not pure lines and so they don't listen to him but everybody is trying to like they're like we trust him. We believe in him. One Hundred Percents Very Era Gore Oren like kind of like a lot of dungeons and dragons Lord of the rings basically but it's so good and just how strong a lot of the female characters actors in it are and that's always exciting for someone a woman who's in who enjoys reading and enjoys fantasy if there isn't a strong wrong female character in it. I'm probably not going to read it at this. Point is twenty nine thousand nine people like it's easy program. Yeah get with it so probably the dragon land series it yeah. Did you have a second. One second fire thought we were leading up to now yeah. No no no I was like I just want to start with fancy but now I want to think. Do I have a second one at love to see more <hes> just like.

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