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But at the same time this other part of the social contract namely job security you know what you're earning um your benefit levels and things like that that was all a roading at the same time and so in a welsh came in an and downsized to a degree was shocking when he i did it and then that level of downsizing uh just became khanna normal throughout corporate america well let's take a short break here and then we'll talk some more if you're just joining us my guest is rick words men he's the author of the new book the end of loyalty the rise and fall of good jobs in america we'll be back after a short break this is fresh air support for this podcast than the following message comes from morgan stanley for more than eighty years morgan stanley has offered financial wisdom to its clients and for the last few weeks they been offering financial wisdom on a brand new podcast the morgan stanley ideas podcast will answer some questions you wondered about for years and others you didn't even know you had find out on the morgan stanley ideas podcasts available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic were talking earlier about unions in how early online kodak didn't unionized because the workers felt that the benefits of kodak where we're good enough kodak tried to be on its own competitive with unions how is the union situation and for companies you profile changed in the past few years of life what is the importance of unions in those organisations now and how powerful are they compared to the power they had in the past.

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