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W ABC presents one on one with me, Apple or a droid. You know, I used to be android until about two months ago, and I got an apple. I regret it. I want my head right back for the apples. Cool, But I can't stand. Try the type stuff because it auto correct. You know, he thinks that being smart of me the say, Hey, stupid. That's not how you type it. That's the way I wanted a type it or write one. On one talk radio 77 w A, B C and a 77, ABC AP. I'm John Baxter, This is John Baxter Show. I welcome Fatties McCotter. American greatness. Andrew McCarthy. National Review Online. We are here to comment on raw information about Hunter Biden. These ARD the's are Fax established in a voice call. We do not know how it was recorded. We do not know why we have it except that we do, and there's a transcript attending this. This is from a website the national pulse. It is largely incoherent, but it does connect with certain events in the United States that can be secured one of them. Is a trial or pending trial of a man named Devin Archer. Another is the the conviction and incarceration of a man named Patrick Ho, who has now been released and has been deported to Hong Kong. All of these events turned around these last years. There's reference to a man named You who is the former head of CFC, the oil company that's mentioned in the revelations. We have so far of the Hunter Biden laptop. These are little pieces of a puzzle that has a much larger meaning. I do not know it. So I'm going to ask where the process question for Andy, Andy Hunter Biden, according to the transcript of this phone call that we've all listened to Is referring to phone calls being made from the Southern district of New York's U. S attorney's office, too. Hunter, Biden and possibly to his father. It doesn't name Joe Biden, but it talks about is he talks about my father? Turning on a case, eh? A criminal case against Devon Archer. The puzzle for me is why does the U. S Southern District of New York need to make these phone calls as if Devin Archer is going on trial? Why is Hunter Biden so upset by these phone calls? Good evening to you. Good evening, John. And to enter Patty Issa's well, you know, I think that this is probably not a phone called John from Hunter Biden. So much is kind of a dictated. At least the sense I get is that it's ah dictated kind of statement in the nature of a diary or or something. But I think that the reason he says he is receiving calls from the U. S attorney in the Southern District of New York because Devon Who is Devon Archer has named him that is Hunter and Joe as potential witnesses in a criminal case, And I think what they're what that is a reference to is to of Hunter Biden, his business partner's not only Devon Archer, but another guy named Bevin Cooney, who we've talked about a bit were convicted in the Southern District of New York in 2018 in a $60 million fraud scheme. In which the Biden family name featured prominently in the evidence. But Hunter and no one else who was named Biden was charged in the case. Hunter. You know, the Archer was known to trade on the Biden name as well. And that appears to have been a big part of the fraud and whether Hunter was in on it or not, is something that was not explored. Evidently at the trial, But I think the reason that this probably came up is there's a practice in the Southern District of New York, where I was a prosecutor for a long time that the judge makes the parties in a criminal case. Exchange witness lists before the trial and the witness list is basically anyone that your side thinks that you might call as a witness the reason for the exchanging the information so that it's not delays in the trial. So that the each party Khun do you know investigation If a witness they don't have notice of is is called so to move things along. The judge makes the parties tell each other who the witnesses were going to be so they could do their investigation ahead of the witness is being called to the stand and very often because these lists tend to be over inclusive. And because they're not filed publicly. It's often the case that witnesses don't know that they've been listed unless the other side calls them to try to interview them. So I imagine what may have happened is the Southern District of New York prosecutors may have reached out to Hunter to try to interview him to see what he would say if he were called as a witness by Devin Archer. But in my research on this, it doesn't appear that Hunter actually was called as a witness in the trial I read from the Southern District of New York document about this trial. Three convicted in Manhattan Federal Court for the fraudulent issuance and sale of more than $60 million of tribal bonds. This's Dateline June 18 2018 and the explanation the attorney for the United States. Went on to say, as a unanimous jury swiftly found, these defendants orchestrated a highly complex scheme to defraud a native American community and multiple pension funds, all to corruptly bankroll their own personal and business interests. So that is the crime. They're convicted. They're jailed for it. That is So Andy, But obviously 100, Biden was being called as a witness. So what's all the hubbub about? Well, he certainly figured prominently in the trial that by name figured prominently in the trial, and it looks to me fatty. It's like it's part of the pattern that we've seen. And but that politico report that we talked about one of the last times we discussed this topic. Indicated that the Biden family and people around Hunter and Jim Biden, who was Joe's one of Joe's brothers, They've been trading on Biden's political influences go going back to when he was initially elected to the Senate all those years ago. So you know this is something I don't think anybody finds if we are to find it a little bit shocking, given how little reporting there is upon it. It's a pattern that I think we've seen a number of times at this point in the transcript of the remarks by by Hunter Biden, and, as Andy says, I don't know it might just be. He's making a record of these events or he might be talking to somebody on the phone. I can't tell There's another name mentioned. This is Patrick Ho, who was convicted of crimes in the United States and incarcerated was released in June of this year and deported to Hong Kong. The characterization that Hunter Biden offers in this transcript. If it is his voice is that Patrick Cho is the spy chief of China who started a company that my partner who is worth 322 $3 billion founded and is now missing. What I followed from that is that he's naming Patrick Oh, as a spy chief. And he's also referring to Ye Jin Lang, who was Thehunt, head of C E F. C. The company mentioned interested in networking with the vice president and has been much mentioned by such as Mr Bo Belinsky and in the transcripts we have from the Hunter Biden laptop. This can get all confusing, and it's just that within one short paragraph Mr 100. Biden is referring to tomb to two men who are both convicts of crimes in the United States of America. It's a peculiar friendships. He's maintaining It sure is. I think that Patrick Ho is a very interesting character. He and Jin Ming who you who you just mentioned. Are the founders of this huge Chinese energy concern that's known as C E. F. C, and it appears to have been built John on bribery. Home was a government official in the government of Hong Kong in the early 2000, and then he got himself established. With an NGO that was certified by the United Nations but underwritten by CFC, and that gave him a lot of access to Ah big government officials in Africa who he proceeded to bribe on behalf of CFC in order to improve CFCs..

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