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Him but his read approach. The other man's withered figure. He made no mention of have their last bitter encounter instead. Read Bathed Keys Berg and gave him a fresh set of clothes keys. Berg said Reed had no oh animosity toward me. He found me too weak to move. He washed me combed my hair and treated me kindly indeed. He had had no cause to do otherwise keys. Berg showed some selective memory in his account never mentioning their previous quarrels. Perhaps his intention was to whitewash. His own reputation. Has James. Reid was no longer. The pariah had been when keys bird called for his death now now he was their savior and keys. Berg wouldn't want to be remembered as the man who tried to hang their rescuer before read left. He gave keys Berg a half pound of dried beef from his pack and a Half Tea Cup of flour. He told the German that he would return in two weeks and carry Harry him over the mountain. Then James Reid left the camp taking seventeen survivors with him. This included his two remaining children Patrick Breen and his family Elizabeth Graves and her children and three of the younger donner's he left behind behind three men to care for the survivors until the next expedition arrived as they went through the melting snow. The clouds darkened Arken overhead. Read jotted down some scattered thoughts in his journal night closing fast. The clouds still thickening terror terror to many my heart dare not communicate my mind to any depth to all it. Provisions do not come on March Fifth Jeff the blizzard hit the second relief huddled around the fire as the storm raged aged around them reed and mccutchen lead men to forage for firewood. The task grew increasingly difficult. As the weather intensified the fire continually melted the snow sinking deeper as the rescuers tried their best to shield the logs from the wind and snow. Eventually the whole in the snow was wide enough for everyone to lay within it. Sheltering them from the wind returning from a trip together would big big bill. mccutchen lay down next to the fire. He was so numb from the cold. He didn't notice his clothes. Ignite all four shirts. He was was wearing burnt off his back before he realized what was happening. He quickly doused the fire and amazingly he was only slightly singed at the same time. The other leader of the group James Reid was suffering far worse. He became almost completely snow blind line one day into the blizzard. The party were effectively stuck an almost completely out of food. On march seventh. The snowfall stopped read having recovered. Most of his site proposed. They forage forward but the Party. Hardy had suffered immensely over the three days during the chaos of the storm. Elizabeth Graves starved to death. Never learning that her tildren Marianne and Sarah were waiting for her on the other side of the mountains. She was joined in death by two five year olds her her son Franklin graves junior and Isaac Donner the son of Jacob and Elizabeth Donner out of options Reed Reed and mccutchen abandoned. Everyone who was too weak to go on the only survivors who could join them. Were reads to young children but the group of four had to continue on. They didn't WanNa give up and starve when they could bring more supplies back the whole that they he left the brains and graves in would later be known as starved camp. Patrick Breen watched them go praying. That another rescue party would pass them soon. He huddled with his family with no food. Save for the three bodies of their friends lying. Hang on the outside of the snow pit as read left. The eleven survivors in the mountains. Tamsin Donner received. You've terrifying news backed by Alder Creek. Elizabeth Donner had died days earlier in two of the men who had agreed to look after her family Charles Stone and Charles Katie. Were Planning on heading back West on their own fearing they would be abandoned. Tamsin promised to pay the men take her three remaining daughters over the mountains. The men agreed taking the six year old Francis four year old Georgia Zsa and three-year-old away with them however by the time they reached the lake camp they realized they could not carry the three children trend through such thick snow so they deposited the donner girls. In the Murphy Cabin. There were four living individuals in the Murphy. Cabin at the time. Levine Murphy. Her eight year old son Simon her one year old grandson George foster and the increasingly wild Lewis Skis Berg despite reads attempt to nurse him back to health keys. Berg had grown distant after being abandoned by his wife and surviving in daughter sometime after March. Eighth Keys Berg took the child George foster into bed with him extensively to keep the child warm. The next morning George was dead. Levine Murphy accused Keys Berg of killing the Child Keys Berg. Eric did not respond to these accusations. But merely laid the baby's body on the floor of the cabin and returned to bed sometime later. The donor girls saw keys burke walk over to George Foster's body pick him up and hang on a peg like a cut of meat..

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