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Ted mckinley he always comes in and mops up he's the closer for all tv shows and took on they call him tony they make jokes about his big bali you'll ended up on spot they do that no no they don't address at the keep this review go in you tell the scrip price you write descript exactly sent insane same just go hissein we don't say anything we just go ahead he comes walking as no accent says hey boss have i like that that's that's all this he goes in the strike zone yeah hey pound break break same everyone would watch it and i says it now they do the same with house a carts and i just get rid of spacey in goes in ten against him again who else doing chelsea list scotch had a phased out here for men well i'm sure you've heard about this at all so i i've asked started hearing stories about kevin spacey's dad in about his brother and about how ever rod stewart guy the rod stewart impersonator and that his dad was like some that pedophile nazi or something like crazy bears if you would coperation stories economies east north but you want to put that in a job not nazi mentally ill officials heels nazi pedophile well the always go pedophile nancy i might also be worth pointing out just because we did a similar story went around the wind seen time at family guy episode from several years ago feature steuea running through a mall naked screaming i just escaped forgiven species basement hell yes look at look up his dad and what's gone but the at the story was as his dad was horrible kevin surda became an empty shell like like just no personality and it strikes me all the greatest actors are the empty shells vessels that the gm carries of the world like all the guys who do all them person air who took him become the filled with it new character yeah he became uh bobby darren bobby dare his front is map the night he he becomes all the guys i work within improv there were when they were being themselves they were zero whwhen so guys like me are horrible i can't do bobby darren for it per share.

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