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K lbj i doubt that if too many people listening right now as we tried and tried and tried to figure out exactly who was this local terrorists who it was i don't think many of you thought it was at twenty three year old home school guy from pflueger ville to what the acc then see that one coming certainly when it comes to the level of bomb making expertise which is a whole another discussion to have some day about gosh former computer repairman can learn to make bombs like this unemployed guy living in pflueger ville can learn to make bombs like this apparently so and ultimately he used the bombs to kill himself now it's been reported this is from fox seven that police and you heard just now during the news police in dps have avacuated an area four four block area in pflueger ville to go through mark condit's house remember a two roommates one of them has been detained for questioning don't no one is suggesting that they had anything to do with it but obviously the cops would like to know what they knew with anything exactly how this guy was going about he was unemployed but how he was going about all the time and energy and expense maybe of of making these bombs but they're working to remove and dispose of homemade explosives doesn't mean that the house is booby trapped but obviously they have good reason to be concerned and they're having to clean the place out so that area has been blocked off remember he blew himself up last night or i'm sorry early this morning with a powerful bomb and whether or not he was on his way to deliver that one we don't know that yet either he did go to fedex fedex store and sunset valley and ultimately this.

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