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Is the coolest thank you Laurin. Thank you skipped over Jessica Sawyer Jessica. Soya actually topped Lauren. With the hundred and thirty six dollars in Lakewood California and she well. We don't need to know she doesn't she's let me do this because we donations Shinzo not long In the morning of my birthday which is showed today we might first donation so pleased. My smoking hot boyfriend started hitting me in the mouth about eighteen months ago and it took about a year for me to start shrinking my middle regularly. I feel so much lighter. Please call him out as a Douche bag though because while Now please calm out douchebag. We will will be due next month for his birthday listening to the best podcasting university a favorite pastime as it is a breath of fresh air in the madness of life with with this donation. I start on the road to damehood. If you can be so kind. Please send us some house selling Goat Karma. We will do that for you at the end with everybody else. Thank you very much Jessica. And you're on on the list for today. Jay Heisel in Lenexa let you know. I've never known how to pronounce his town in Kansas with excel. Lennox Lennox I duNno ninety nine thirty three Ryan risky in Iron Mountain Minnesota Eight. Oh eight hey to her. Blam and Earl of Georgia eight. Oh I'm sorry I wanted to read Ryan's note. It was a nice note. Forgive me podfather. It must confess. I've been a no agenda listener since early early double digit episodes. I have reason to believe that. I may have been a factor in the eight. Zero eight donation is. I came up with a number of few weeks after the sixty nine sixty nine started and and I added to my hit my people in the mouth speech. My girlfriend at the time told me to list of the first eight. Oh eight donation on the next show because a friend from Michigan was going to use the number and then the rest got cut off. He had a nice note dammit he was close to knighthood was the point but its appearance where he is close He'll be knighted shortly not today. No Okay Blam Earl of Georgia eight Oh wait. Dj Anonymous Eight. Oh and he actually wrote a note in general look at which is the boop loop donation. BOOP BOOP Obama last in my last letter I dislike longhand. It's pretty funny. Look into. I mentioned my opinion. That a real Message should be handwritten on paper. You didn't me one better by claiming it. Not only only county was written in cursive. Who Does this much count? And then he goes to leaves cursive. Did you stopped. He couldn't do it right while listening to this show other than Zephyr sightings. You seem to be happy. Do you happen to be happy as reading letters featuring the United Federation of planets letterhead so. Here's the United Federation nation of podcasters stationary. This guy. Yes if you and he sent me some you enjoyed or even if you don't. I'm going to scan the card the name very funny. It's like a real podcast of with with the hookers on each arm and a girl in the back with heart pumping have the happy new year. Merry Christmas coming to you. From Mach Zero Baroness Susan. Johnson came in with eighty eighty Hillsborough Oregon Cer- Bryan Coffman's Scottsdale Arizona. Scottsdale Arizona seventy five seventy five Barron. Mark Tanner with his twice monthly donation of six seven eight nine. So Scott Morgan Austin Texas Sir Scott. Two of the armory organizes. This is all the Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew terrorists in Urbana Illinois Fifty five twenty years a note I happy you'll and and happy new year to the best podcast in the universe. Happy Birthday to my Douche bag mother. Barb love you Mama. I'll get some crazy crazy Leah. Lavera safety five ten Michael De la Sierra in Maryville Tennessee now she read he reached his knighthood with his donation. He would like to be dubbed. Sir Dancing Mike and he wants smokey mountain brewery. Would help me with this. Hells Hellas and yeehaw the hawks coach. I'm going to butcher this. What is this smokey mountain? Murray Heli Ellis Hells Hells. I don't know I I have no idea and I think coal shes a beer. Yeah I don't know what Smokey Mountain Brewery Hell it's a beer is Adele closer beers. I think he also wants to kick off the dame drive for smoking. Hot Wife Denise slightly increasing my sustaining donation to make the accounting for her damehood aim hood easier for me. It took me a few years several vacations but I finally hit her in the mouth. About a year ago I would also like to request deducing for her as the contributions will be in her name. Gore going Ford and since she makes more than me. She's been indirectly contributing to the show for some time. Now yes that's right. Get it from your woman and when you spend deduce okay. I wonder if if the fact that she was always making more money than him. Put her in a state of mind not to pay attention to the show or disliked to show because what is he no. He's doesn't make as much money as me. Wow I I'm not gonNA go. They're really. I'm just suggesting the possibility because it took him over a year to get to the show. Well now they're set for life. I guess so Judy Schwartz also set for life. Baroness of kindle kindle county in Bernie Texas. That's right ours is sixty five cents happy new year. When when Free Food Bul- BUL- BADEAH volva Walton Alden? Greetings from Gitmo Lowlands. No this is not it g him by fanned offend on offend that. I thank you and Scott Nelson in Melbourne Florida. Fifty laws in one sent the following people are fifty dollar donors name and location Scott does not want to be on this list. Robert fittler in Mars. Pennsylvania yeah. I won't say what I used to say anymore. Because his wife Objects Paul Gabrielson Fifty Awal Leibel and Noor took Deutschland Delaware. Newark Delaware Newark Deutschland. Nice Deutschland Delaware. A Richard Sir. Richard Gardner partner. Jeffrey Zelin Oakland Michigan. Part of the group there. I think Darren Dennis Zeus Zeus. Zeus can do by no no no ice Dick Danny inequities decor- NASA awaits us. How you got Dennis Zukowski? I'd the Neka wits probably here in probably Eric I've done. Is Darren Radia Magin. What really you imagine yeah? Well he's in Dubai in Dubai but a place. What place John Kavulich? Please D- Douche me it D- -duced also wants to call it. His brother Darius Miller as a Douche bag does he's hit him in the mouth around show nine hundred and hasn't given a dime area last on the list is Eric Do Tro in Flint Michigan with fifty dollar donations Aziza people. That helped us do show. Twelve three helped produce it and we thank each and every one of them and we have a lot of people that also gave lesser amounts which you'd get credited for reasons anonymity. Yeah Oh that's well. We don't mention them on the show. Although they are credited in the overall scheme of things certainly for saving up for Knighthoods Woods we people who've been doing it for multiple years on ten dollars a month and And eventually wind up with a knighthood and would they proud of it and we're proud of them and really the sustaining donor ships under fifty which is a lot of our subscriptions. You can find it at divorce dot Org Slash Na. It's very very helpful. And it's all of its appreciated. Aided and all of you are producers of the best podcast in the universe and we'll do it again next year the full rack dot org slash and in a Karma's request jobs jobs jobs and jobs.

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