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In gross negligence there's no difference between them so mrs clinton conducted herself and her staff conducted themselves in a matter which broke these same to laws these are very serious felony an average and continue uh hillary clinton claim ames that russia attacked the us is a cyber nine eleven she's accusing russia of having attacked the united states she allow russia into her computer with state secrets for years jet it wasn't at one time in 2015 it was for years oh yes john and then like i said these these laws carry severe penalties for each one of those emails now that mrs clinton center round and her talks fafsa dorado were top secret information on them there's a penalty of ten years in the federal slam so how many thousands of emails were involved this is an extremely hairy hand we can presume the russians hadn't have to work very hard for that either the russians zillion rainy and send the north koreans and the chinese let's not limit ourselves to our adversaries are online they wealth anybody really i mean i'm i'm told by people in that business that mrs clinton's home server as it's called was protected not even by the same things the protect you on a google account it was a pretty much open in tyrwhitt anybody who wanted to hack into it anybody could get anything that was on there i sure they did back to kaspersky labs have we asked the us government to stop using their antivirus broken well apparently are you hear or so ago and i'm laughing only even in right i gotta effort required elected well yeah the department of homeland security apparently put out a notice to everyone to not use kaspersky labs software anymore to get it off your computers and i'm so i'm assuming i mean lord only knows this rate but i'm assuming that the federal agencies especially the intelligence agency got rid of it but how much damage was done in the meantime you're a generous najat ipr i presume none of that because it's in their computers is in their home computers we don't know whether these knuckleheads are going to do this again they clearly don't have rules that make any sense to us if the state by if that if the secretary of state does this for four years of.

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