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News contributor columnist the hill carol. Roth is with us as well. And you know. We don't leak phone calls but they democrats leaked. A lot of trump phone calls as a matter of fact is very first phone call and five remember correctly with the australian prime minister joe. Contra wasn't all of that leaked to the press in every in all of it completely and other foreign leaders. Those calls were leaked like every call that he had with a foreign leader was leaked Not not just australia. But i remember south korea and this is like within the first couple of weeks and that was the so-called deep state saying okay. You have no safety here. We're gonna make sure that we embarrass you at every. Turn because we didn't want you to be the president and now you you look. At joe biden. Camera harris democrats in general and the forefront. They have to fight. Not just afghanistan right. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. But you look at the southern border and one point five million people crossing into this country since the beginning of the year. That's one of the population of eleven states. You look at inflation skyrocketing at this. Point of concern for americans and skyrocketing crime in american cities. So now it's more expensive to live in this country. You feel less safe whether you're an american city or fear terror attacks again. That feeling went away. During the trump administration. It's nothing but bad news. Joe biden over the summer of twenty twenty one. Afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better if it gets better. I think the worst part we can. We can figure out. Carol roth this lot big lie. Which is we have. All of this leverage over the taliban gets repeated and regurgitated by the media and by you know circle back and sake and by biden himself when in truth and in reality we don't have a single troop on the ground We might have a few covert ops working independently and if they are god bless them because what they're doing is risking their lives to help innocent people but short of that. It's it's just. We've abandoned all of them and they're now all caught behind enemy lines. The leverage lies with the people that have americans as hostages they have the leverage. We don't have any leverage now. This entire administration Since day one has been in a position of weakness. It's been in a position of begging other leaders to do things if you go back to begging putin not to attack certain infrastructure here. Here's our important infrastructure. Please don't cyber attack it Going back to opec in begging them for more oil after ground leases begging the taliban and not to hurt american that everything is coming from a position of weakness versus a position of strength which we should be as the united coming from as early as the united states of america. You don't have to be a foreign policy expert to understand that if you're going to withdraw like this. There were a series of things that you need to do in terms of destroying the confidential information. Making sure that they don't have access to weapons having a plan to get everybody whether it's an american or the the allies of the americans out safely or to a safe place and the fact that they didn't do this you as foreign policy experts when you would know those non foreign policy expert Really really diminishes are standing in the world. I have to leave. Thank you both carol. Ross thank you joe. Contra what are we going to have the jo- contra media our on fox. Can you make that happen..

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