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Up the trash. Yeah and and you know the truth of the truth of the matter is the only person that can fix this problem as you and each and every one of you has to fix your problem. I think a lot of people think that they're going to go to these. Things are going to be the only one that thinks these ways dude when you if you if you pay. The time is now to jump in gas like it. The tide is turning and times. Now people are getting vocal. And if you go to these events you're gonna find out that most people think just like you which is going to give you a sense of peace. You're out there thinking you're alone. Do we just went to pay the van up Es miss jim brough iwo at fucking thousands of people at it that we're fucking all the same cotton not. Everybody looked the same. No not everybody came from the same place. There was people from every demographic there are all over. It was also. It was awesome. Well i mean. I think there's an organization piece to write right the power of the voice in understanding so we have a A person who works here. Who's a city fireman. Captain he has one has wanna get the vaccine. It's fair it's a choice right freedom you should have. The freedom of choice should have been and their mandating at city of saint louis republic for all public officials are workers. Cops firemen awesome employees. Lcd employees and you know stock. Numerous hemant like got organize. You go get i mean. Fifty percent of the eight hundred farms or man in your women and say hey. I'm not doing this shit. I want you to know where i stand. I don't believe and i don't wanna do this. And if any of you other people don't believe or want to do this. I'm willing to stand by. We're around city hall on tuesday night or whatever the case may be and you know what support them. yeah like. These guys are willing to put their careers on line. I have you know there's because look at the ultimatum. It creates are you gonna lose half your fucking fire department and let the city burn or you're going to just say okay. Well it'd just be a choice and will leave fucking long puts the city in a really tough spot. Well and it puts hospital systems in a very spiderman. Apparently it's extremely difficult to hire nurses right now k. Will they're mandating. These nurses get back stated. Well you know if you earn if you're a nurse in a hospital and you guys. I mean i know that they empower these people to make life or death situations on the fly. And that's what they pay them to do what they don't empower them to make an own decision for themselves fucked up ver. Okay well how do you fix it. You gotta get together. Yeah you know. And you've got to figure that out and you've got to be willing you know at at some level to understand that there's a risk reward here and it's not good you know and that's an dude. We were talking about knowstone. Andrew talk about starting an owned company employees one of our family members for this reason. Literally for this fucking reason. We're talking musters creating our own school. Yeah well and we're going to have to and that's part of the deal and you know what i can't i mean if that's where it comes to where my kids go to school behavioral. Here's the deal These fucking eighty people who don't wanna fucking let's do. I'm just now took off your fucking population I dunno it's gotta. It took your teachers and we don't believe you should either. They don't want to employ him already. I have nanny house you know. Because it's like and then you hear him talking to background and this is the thing is like the power the voice like everybody's afraid to do it in the building because they don't want to upset people and it's like hey listen that's the point of freedom of freedom is so that you can actually have an opinion in unwarranted have freedom here in a while bro. What we're surprised to what you're saying right now. We're freedom of speech right. That's a huge deal right now. We're at a point where that freedom is being infringed upon. Because you're allowing it you need to understand like your voice fucking matters your actions fucking matter but before your actions matter you better be able to fucking take that little nervous twitch that happens inside and it's shaky scary shit and fuck and say it's not as scary as you think it is now a little fucking bombing the little bitty and i'm not the guy who's working at the fucking gas station tells me to put a mask on and i'm like hey fucking robocop exact. My guy i got down the street brought you. Hey listen i get. It ran aqap power. You feel good. Shut the fuck up. That's literally like like now. I'm not doing that. He's like it's par roles said it's unfortunate as part of my fucking opportunity my My freedoms akhavan cannot wear one. I just you know. I watched the whole thing the other night. And why can't serve you k. Then i'll just go somewhere else. It's not that fucking hard. I understood inconvenience. Yes but i don't give a fuck you gotta move and this is the power we talked about this. We've talked about four. This is the importance of using your dollars to create that noise. My kids go to a private school. How do private schools fucking work while they need money. Well if you leave the private school and there's you're not getting your tuition anymore. Then they're going to struggle. They need to feel that pain. Yeah same thing. Restaurants got feel the fuck and payers a lot. There's a lot of people making some really bad calls and business right now because of all of this. Yeah like the making your boys and get vaccination longer. Forget that dude like when this all gets cleared up. People aren't gonna forget that there was people that are actually saying things like like dude there. I see these comments online dude you. I saw this one post. It was like you know telling people to not come to hospital if they got sick and to fucking die at home and there was like hundreds of nurses and doctors and shit on their bro. People forget that like people take a screen shot slash shit like you'll never live. That should down like you know what i'm saying like i it. It's it's like watching people not understand what's happening and they're making decisions about what's going on. That are going to end up bearing themselves and burying their business. Well and i know like the the this fucking the people here who are doing the The fucking Trying to put vaccine requirement to come into your place or like they did up in new york. Look man There these people don't understand that there is way more people that are willing to never do business with you again over over over this thing like and you're in it's more than fifty percent and you may still believe you're doing the right thing and if that's all that's fine but like you're making a poor business decision on top of it which if you can operate on thirty percent of your business forever i mean okay but not many businesses i know. Can i just look at. I mean and you add to it on top of that like i don't know if the humanitarian is the right word playing god like hey man. That's that's somebody's choice that's there there are. That's their body literally the my body. My choice is a perfect example of like watts. Other places to eat bro. there's lots of other. There's listened business. Competition is already extremely high. Like you think you're counting on the media telling you the truth to make that decision you're counting on all the data to be the truth. You're counting and by the way we live in an era where the media is not the media bro. they are reporting. The news is propaganda. One hundred percent of it go by newspaper in read every headline and ask yourself. What are they trying to make me. Think what do all these headlines have in common and you'll start to understand that this is propaganda. Shit we're living. We're we're reliving the nineteen thirties right now. And there's people you know because we have the internet ironically and be able to control like you've got to remember these people in the thirties bro. They didn't have ways to contact each other talk to each other. They didn't have ways to communicate. All they did was listening to a radio broadcast. the government. put out you know here. We have all this crazy ability to see all this information and everything that they don't agree with what do they do. They fucking slap a label on it or they take it down or they say your band reasonably intelligent person should be able to understand what the fuck is going on here like. It's not that hard to see. Well i think there's a there's a there's a doubt aspect oh to that like people think that that's not. There's no way that that's real. There's no way that that's happening..

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