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Think he drives to work and everything so He knows a lot about it, but I got I gotta take it before I get t that, however. I just want to get out of this. You know, the Nobel Prize goes to Barack Obama for nothing and doesn't go to President Trump nominated four times for peace deals on duh mollifying the Korean Peninsula. And taking on the Communist Chinese and the Nobel Prize Committee is a joke. It's a joke, All right, and I grew up thinking of the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize in particular, while well The Nobel Prize for economics they gave to Paul Krugman at The New York Times for writing anti Bush articles. They pretended it was for some economic thing he had written many, many years earlier, which was a fig leaf, but it was really about heating President George W. Bush. And so the Nobel Prize for Economics became a joke. At that point, they should ask for it back. The Nobel Peace Prize is a complete joke. And honestly, the Pulitzer Prize between Walter Durante in the Washington Post, getting two of them for reporting on the fake story of Russian collusion. The Pulitzer Prize is a joke the Peabody given to The New York Times for their story about the fake terrorist Who didn't do any of the things that, he said for their podcast. You're a newspaper doing podcast with a couple of fake reporters, and they admit that they fell in love with the story like they fell in love with the Russian collusion story. So they put it out there all over the place, and they won awards for it because the people that give a words are generally former journalist, so they're all fellow travelers, and it's a centipede, and they're all they all think exactly The same thing about every subject. There is no deviation there like space aliens that come here and you know you scratch the surface and see that they're liberals underneath. It's insane, but the reality is, um You know, the Pulitzer Prize is is a joke. And if I see somebody with a Pulitzer Prize on their shelf because the Pulitzer Prize doesn't the committee doesn't ask for the Walter Durante Prize back won't ask for The Washington Post Post prizes back about the fake story of Russian collusion. The Peabody People won't ask for their Peabody back from The New York Times for their fake story, and the Nobel Committee won't take back Barack Obama's and Paul Krugman's prizes and give the peace prize to Donald Trump with all the peace deals. Um, And that means honestly, that you know, boys aren't girls and girls aren't boys And words don't mean what words mean and and the Nobel Prize. It doesn't mean anything. And the Peabody doesn't mean anything. And the Pulitzer doesn't mean anything. They're a disgrace there a joke. They've They've taken away their own credibility. And if I see somebody with a Peabody or Ah, Pulitzer, I mean, is he well, load? Really? That's so congratulations. You know what your reported. Was it true? Because that doesn't matter. That's what we know about the Peabody and that's what we know about the Pulitzer and unless the Pulitzer Committee and the Peabody Peabody Committee get into the practice of asking for their prizes back. If later the journalists have proved to be frauds, fakes, then the prizes are a joke. They don't mean anything at all. So take your Peabody and your Pulitzer and your everything else, but it's the committees that have destroyed any value in the prizes. And it's really an embarrassment. But these people are unembarrassed herbal. UN embarrass a bowl. Yes, they are. But I started on that Pete Boot at Judge the Peat Buddha. Just because I was talking about Pete Boot edge edge yesterday and the National Panhandler Radio story I was reading from suckling on the taxpayer Teach To lie to Americans and told the Democrat Party line all day every day on hundreds of stations across the country being funded by the middle class by American middle class. So that Judy Driftwood can buy another beach house and another golden Mercedes station wagon. That's what she is to drive around the neighborhood. You know Judy Driftwood? Um and they're all these and they just they don't care what the truth is. They're not truth people. They have contempt for the truth. But the NPR National panhandler radio story. Explained why Pete boot edge edge will make an excellent secretary of the Department of Transportation, having been the mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana, with a population smaller than that of the villages retirement community in Florida. He's going to take over If Joe Biden has his way, the Department of Transportation and NPR explained that he used in this. I'm not making this up that he used to ride the train in college. And that is transportation and that he proposed to his then boyfriend, now husband at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, and he said, um, you know, never underestimate or never tell me that O'Hare Airport isn't romantic O'Hare Airport O'Hare Airport is not romantic. I'm here to tell you that O'Hare Airport is not romantic, having grown up in Chicago, although it is named O'Hare. Most people in Chicago don't even know this for a Navy fighter pilot in World War two Medal of honor recipient in the Pacific. But never mind that. Let's get back to Pete Boot at Judge because he's the hero of the Revolution. And, um, Here's the Here's The Washington Post because it's Ma Kable, remarkable that his qualifications for being secretary of transportation are that he took the train in college. And that he proposed who is now husband at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. And that's what NPR actually had theirs and they're no other qualifications. None. None. All right, So the Washington Post, not a newspaper. Jumped in, and they got a woman there named Lisa Bono's B O. N. O s Uh huh. Lisa Bono's Typed up the story on behalf of the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party, and the headline is Heat boot edge edge is right Airports are.

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