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The quiz two to one your office. Neither this is like a jank jets. Giants matchup look like here. Not a lot of points scored. But rob, I think you did a very good job. You seem to you clearly know your stuff, even though you only get one point. And I first win in about a month. Yes. Well, thank you for bringing in slump. Buster Jacob Derwin. That's that's what I want to be known as from now on slump. The nickname. I crave. On. I'm so happy that you're here. Do you have any thoughts on what's been happening with survivor, David versus Goliath? Sure, I mean, I was super wary of the season going in because of the the whole theme and hearing about the idol fire. There was a lot of stuff that made me nervous. I slept a lot of stuff, but I feel like maybe it's just the cast or I think the production teams really putting in the extra time with the editing. This is really felt like a really special season I've gotten to talk to a whole bunch bunch of the castaways, and they've all been really lovely a lot of them are still kicking butt in the game. I'm I'm enjoying watching. Even if I'm not as. As detail oriented used to be on the show. It's still really really fun to watch. And I'm glad that the storms and all the drama. There didn't didn't hurt. What is becoming a really great season. What are you working on these days? What am I working on? I'm I'm working. I'm preschool music teacher. Music teacher. Well, I'm working in synagogue preschool. And so on top of that, I'm working on a developing an audio drama like a fiction podcast with the cast of wonderful actors as shows going to be called dove port and we're midway on production on that. And I will send the word out swim its fleet and getting out there if you wanna lease do today, you can you can you can follow me on this ocean media audience loves podcasts. I from for the most for the most part from what I understand. So is this something that you've written is this a Jacob Derwin original you working with? Yeah. Basically had a lot of time this summer, and I've been listening to a lot of wonderful fiction podcasts and stories audience stories kind of old-fashioned radio telling. I decided to try my hand at it. So I spent the summer writing like a pretty much twelve thirteen episode screenplay will radio play and compiling a bunch of my friends who are also backers voice actors, and we kinda got working on it. So it's it's an original. It's it's pretty much made from scratch. I'm producing the whole thing myself, hopefully with a little bit of help from my friends and. We'll see what happens. It's a it's a I try something. I think is pretty cool. And I hope people like it when it happens. Yeah. Well, that sounds very interesting. And you know, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out when you get closer to launch. Thanks. I appreciate it. Okay. Jordan. Do you have any questions for Jacob? Jacob. We always ask this question here on this week and survivor history. Who who would you guess is the the first survivor you ever followed on Twitter? Unfortunately, you can't gain another point from this question. But who who would you guess? Crap. I got Twitter in two thousand and nine probably. So probably gosh. What was that's a? That's a crazy question, man. It was probably this is this is insane. I've never thought about this. It was probably the robber Stephen to be honest. I was listening to the podcast pretty young. But if not that I don't know, I guess either robber, Steven. Yeah. Probably. So it was actually a friend of Robert was ethan's on. Oh, that makes sense. Well. Realize the scroll back through. Oh, my follow agile. You found nine nine hundred ninety nine accounts to be fair. It.

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