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Rams, Lions, Steelers discussed on KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore


World. Get their Green Bay. And it was nice having a semi home gave you're at southern California. Very impressed with the chargers. They had led one get away the week before against the Broncos. So that's snap. Their six game win streak. Philip rivers of all, you know, you don't think if you think of him as the Arab Altro, it don't feel pasture not the high percentage drew Brees type passer, but he was Sunday tying in NFL record going completing his first twenty five passes, consecutively. An almost ninety seven percent of his throws him the in the game. And he's had two touchdown passes. At least every game. This year is the only quarterback that do that and has a string going. So that's outstanding in the charger defense. Got a little bit better of injuries Voces back healthy, but they're gonna have a tough time with the Steelers. However, th they've pretty much locked down. But securing that that top wild carp position. They still have a chance of catching the chiefs who they'll play in three weeks, but they got to win this game. I and will be a good, you know, they want national relevance or attention. They don't get a lot of it any minute, Los Angeles. And there is but. This is a game in prime time on Sunday night that they have to win. I think to kind kinda get that. But they are a playoff team in one. That's I think getting better as the season. Whereas a lot of people are getting excited about the idea of the Rams in the Super Bowl of the team has issues with its defense. So can we get there? Yeah. I think the Toledo coming back is one thing. And you saw them make even though it was that high scoring game key defensive plays in that Kansas City game that actually produce points. That's something to the bears. Do very well. And I think they have one of the better defense is this year. Not only do they sometimes put up key stops or pressure on a quarterback. But they take away the football. And they they're able to either get points or at least set the offense up. So we know the Rams don't have trouble scoring on offense. But yeah, the rim defense, I know the way Phillips philosophy. You know, if you have to give up yards moving it downfield, but he wants to keep you out of the end zone. I don't think that'll be a problem against the lions this week in the playoffs. They'll have to make some adjustments. But again, if a keep to leave his health ease their best cover corner, he'll he'll be able to take out. Receiver. So that's an area. The Rams defense. They're theories is good enough. And it should be an an, and they should be well rested. Given the kind of week off that they had. All right. So give us a score for the Rams game. This'll be the thirty four ten is the ballpark ic-. I you know, they may hang around for a while because both teams getting back from from eating their Turkey. And and like you dick real actually over the holidays getting away from work, you know, not doing much, but I think the ramp should be able to pull I would be shocked if if they're even a coach in a close game here in the second half. Does he know what you did? I was I was in Athens, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia Tech..

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