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I Got Flint update for you you ready. Yes the Judge Sullivan yes do the judge and Michael Flynn's case has filed a minute order Wednesday that pushes back at the hearing on Flynn's prosecutorial misconduct claims you know the one where they you know Sydney pal creeps on emission. Lady said that Muller had egregious the government has agree regis misconduct from the government so that was supposed to be October thirty first and she's pushed it or he's pushed it back to November fifth at eleven. Am Eastern eastern time. This move is due to conflicts works with the court schedule. Nothing nefarious are weird going on here. that's according to the order and the court regrets any inconvenience to the parties so now the Flynn hearing is going to be on the same day that the Roger Stone's trial starts which is two days before our muller. She wrote show does live in Boston. I know every time we have the crazy ship for a live events. I Know Ball Report drops Muller testimony now this stone trial two days before guys they push it back to the seventh. I'm GonNa Freak out so let's see here. What else do we have. the Pentagon is warning of dire outcomes if the military construction projects what's that trump pillaged for his wall don't happen the warnings are actually contained in mostly. Public Department of Defense Budget requests sent to lawmakers over the past three years that that warn of potentially hazardous living conditions hazardous living conditions for troops and their families as well as unsafe schools that would impede learning and this is according to The Washington Post Wednesday which which has done a like a deep dig into these budget requests and it says the Pentagon is warning that live will be put in risk if these buildings don't meet department defense standards for Fire Safety or Ordinance Management and Ordinance Ordinance Management is explosives so it's it's kind of the stuff we already knew but if you check out this Washington Post article you'll get all all of the things that the the Pentagon and the DOD put in their budget saying as to that basically justifies the need for this money for these construction projects and one hundred turned forty six of them one hundred twenty six a lot. There's a lot of them that are now going to be defended putting troops and their families and children at risk yeah. That's really sad I hear a lot of first hand stories from my sister whose husband is a marine and just about how underfunded the most basic shit is for them like people are dying in training because they don't have updated suck in airplanes or like or there was a lot of problem with ID's a few years back because they didn't have the right arm on the bottom of their vehicles and yeah it's funds that has to happen for us nice to have as big of a budget as we have for the military and still have catastrophic things happen yeah the fraud waste and abuse and then not to mention the overpriced contracting things you know people who say. Oh Oh you spent seven hundred dollars for a hammer for example and then you know you throw this into the mix where they're pulling funds for construction of legitimate you know things on on base isn't at schools and an ordinance in an explosive storage warehouses that are required for the safety of our troops you just pulling that money to build the wall trump's in San Diego today by the way God I saw and he he he gave away some. Can you look that up real quick while he gave away some like classified information as he was talking to somebody today and said you know what do you think of this and he was like. I don't think we should talk about that in public so he has a carelessly handling classified information again. God I wish he take the pedestrian footbridge and a Tj and see what the fuck happens. Yeah just walk over man. That would be great. I can't yeah I can't find exactly what you're referencing but that sounds about right yeah. Let's see here. Kill classified Info border wall a Border San Diego he's of course fucked up traffic forever in Los Angeles yesterday. He's raised about fifteen million dollars so there's that too and something about he presses his argument for a clean up the homeless in in Los Angeles but not because homelessness negatively impacts you know poor people because it negatively impacts rich people that was his argument. He's like these beautiful homes. If it weren't for these homeless people these people would be able to enjoy their property values and I it's Cetera so that that was really but yeah apparently he blabs. He asked a question about something that is possibly or potentially classified to one of the people that was there with him today in San Diego and the guy's like yeah we. I don't think it would be good if we talked about that. At this time. I feel like you probably just like like uses uses. I mean we know this. He's like super unsecure like like like twitter. DM's till I communicate like super high you know highly classified information with people around him yeah and then there's also when he was at Mar a Lago with President Xi Jinping and we bombed we sent fifty nine missiles over a Tomahawk the Hawks cruise missiles and they're sitting there reading the brief and then there's people people who the fuck we don't know behind them using their phone flashlights to light this briefing so he can read it to Gijon Pinger show it to him phones lit with that could just take pictures of this highly classified information cool all Kura. Let's see here. Trump has appointed top hostage negotiator Roger O'Brien hike I as his fourth national national security adviser apparently because he looks good on television and says very nice things about trump. I'm certain he has not been vetted. I wait the findings of journalists and the internet which she's the only real vetting system left for US trump appointees yeah we did. I think I tweeted out like you know. Let's play the game. What's wrong with this one and you you know is he is he. A pedophile is did. He beat his wife did he. You know spousal abuse what tax fraud let's play drug dealer like the trump crony bingo yeah wheel of misfortune basically what's. It GonNa be so people are putting their money down on that tweet and if you're interested I see him get fired three weeks yeah or withdraw his appointment like because that happened with Ratcliffe member when he tried to appoint Ratcliffe and started finding out really interesting should about that guy and he's like nope nope never mind. Yup took a weird hokey pokey names this point yeah. I know I'm sitting on my step mom's but there was it's quite a few next on all my step mom another one uh-huh. It's the it's the Prequel to all my children. That is the worst so isn't it like they all try to come in and like be motherly figure. You can interest me really. I'm not going anywhere. I don't believe you God yeah and then you're like in that weird position where you want to be honest with them but you can't establish any real emotional connection to the surgery gotten. I'm like six months. I feel you on the fun. Mom like for me and girls if you WANNA drink. I really wish you would do it here. He's ready in my room on the fun mom to me. Your Dad's a great guy. Just just kidding dad if you're listening. I really do love you cool. We're good no dad if you're listening probably not yeah. I don't think so anyway. Let's let's let's get social all right. Trending now is Hashtag Joe Kennedy because about an hour ago Democratic Representative Joe Kennedy the third grandson of Robert F Kennedy from Massachusetts announced he will formally launch a primary challenge to Senator Ed Markey this Saturday according to sources the run was scooped by the Boston Globe a great local paper if you haven't subscribed and decided to sources close to Kennedy that said he'll announce at a breakfast this weekend Saturday morning. The incumbent has been endorsed by progressive lawmakers though this is marquis he's been endorsed by like a oc but Kennedy apparently was encouraged to run by Kirsten Cinema. She's the Democrat that just won the seat narrow Zona in the two thousand eighteen midterm election a recent poll from Suffolk County University and the Boston Globe has Kennedy Leading Marquis by double digits in a theoretical head to head matchup Yup. I think Kennedy in Massachusetts. You're kind of a shoo-in yeah you kind of shoe in name recognition going for you yeah. It's definitely a dynasty. It's definitely a political dynasty so also HASHTAG KARMIC balance. It's not trending because we just started it but basically what we're doing is every time trump does something horrible you do something kind and then tweeted out and tag at Moshi tag at daily beans pod tag at Donald Trump so he knows what you're doing in response to his shitting and use Hashtag karmic balance so for example yesterday we reported on the Terrible Racist Shitty set against Latinos people in the New Mexico Rally my Hispanic or whatever the hell he said it was terrible or the guy he said I couldn't even believe it because he looks like more of a wasp but then I do one of his supporters in in response to that to bounce the universe we donated to raciest Texas which is an organization that helps bail out people who are awaiting their hearings their immigration hearings you know at the border at these facilities so concentration camps if you will let's call them what they are so we we did that. We tweeted it out. If you do anything like that would love to get this movement going would love to be the delivers of Karma. We've already had some great responses from from people just based off that little conversation we had yesterday. We got a message from Beth one of our patrons. We love our patrons and she said I love this idea. I just use KARMIC balance as has incentive to make a loan to a woman from a quote unquote should whole country and it feels like the biggest fuck you I could ever give to that asshole wonderful. She give a business loan. A two for women owned woman business. Yeah we were GONNA do Hashtag fuck you. Hashtag asshole the problem with those is that they can't trend because according to twitter's twitter's terms of service is you can't have profanity in your Hashtag if you wanted to try and that's why Hashtag Pussy ass bitch never went anywhere so that's the way it changed it to Hashtag. PB Yeah Yeah. We got a couple more to says. This is an excellent idea to counteract feeling helpless. I agree I don't need it today to fair fight action. We do have the power to to enact change even if it's just a little bit at a time so yeah if you're feeling kind of like outraged anyone like help yourself feel a little bit less numb than direct your outrage at giving your time the money to an organization yeah every time trump. Does something stupid you know. Give a dollar gift five dollars to swing left or races or that was the name of the foundation that you just said Oh..

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