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Dj for a little bit in. I'll take the mail. Tomorrow reminds me your wedding when we had in my house. I don't know if i told the story. But i went around the all close neighbors. That's the story. And i gave him gift baskets and this lady put in my mailbox staple on the other side of the sweet note i'd written. She flipped it over and written in block handwriting. I will be calling the police. The second i'm disturbed. And then she stapled the local noise ordinance rules so he's a paper back my mailbox. She can't suspend you're comfortable this for like and then by the way this woman they came to set up a tent for donald sweating. She called the police on them hitting the fucking stakes into the ground. Tend not your personal security force like home. Desa cycle waste of waste of taxpayers. Come out to to up to a complaint about hammering a stake in the ground. I miss this placement and we used to have it was another. That lived here. Who worked in like that Brothers aren't whatever that world war two movie band brothers. He was on that that was his. He hadn't done it yet but so he was just starting to. He moved to hollywood the same way. I did and several years cup. A few years later band of brothers came out and he was one of the leads on it. The of breath. We'll be right back. After these fine words. What was the best thing before sliced bread. Why does quicksand worked so slowly. Is it possible to plan a surprise party for psychic. You've got to question everything's as you do. And hyundai did donald. It's how they came up with a new ideas and thinking the create. The all new totally reimagined tucson best tucson ever questions like can you phone be a spare key. Utilizing the tucson's digital technology. The answer is a resounding yes better yet. You can share it with up to three people. How big can you make. An infotainment screen the tucson features a huge ten and a quarter inches wide every inch of the all new tucson has been completely reimagined resulting in an suv loaded with available innovations. Both inside and out like led daytime running lights that are stylishly hidden within the front grill. Making them invisible when not in use and how do you make. Peace of mind comes standard in an suv. Honda's reply is a complimentary maintenance for three years or thirty six thousand miles. It's your journey. Discover all that's new along the way by test driving the totally reimagined. Twenty twenty two tucson at your nearest hyundai dealer or learn more at hyundai. Usa dot com. Call five six two three one four four six.

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