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Where. It's it's almost like a reward for completing your training. I didn't look at like that Yeah. I looked at the car as a symbol of Of of Mr Miyake's respect for his student. And and that in the fact that he knew that in the end, all this kid wanted to do is impress a girl. You know? He. He just loved Daniel. It's what it was. That's it. It wasn't a gift. It was sort of like wall. So it's like I would probably have given this son. Zachary here. Yeah, right. Right and I I I still see it a little bit split where he's like you had the stick to it of if like we would not be this close and you can take it that way and you would not you could take it that way and you would not be. Considered wrong, but I just signed as. I saw it because of the depth that he was trying to to inject into this character it was easy for me to infer that this was. The respect of he, he understood Daniel. And knew that a good fighter got is not one dimensional and at the end of the day he's got he's got to be able to to live life with some you know sense of. Dignity and I think that's that would what a great gift to bestow upon him for his date Jeff. Cutoffs. Do you know? Is there a missing sane hit because? he says, I've gotta go my mom's making me a surprise cake then doesn't go to his mom. He goes to see our with an I instead I'm just wondering do you know if there's a sane in between that might have been cut out or maybe you're? Not Aware of that but I will say that that that they it was very obvious to all of us that they were. They were writing the story editing wise as they were filming this thing. Because again, they had shitload of actors that weren't working. they had ton of scenes lots. So it's very possible that you're what you're You know from what you did what you're getting. You could construe it as being the chopping it up a little. It's possible I don't know. But I get that from I get that impression too where it seems Jerky at points. In the flow, the flow I gotta go to the store and it's like well. Eating. Right, the continuity is a little wacky you WanNa talk continuity. I if you this is lame but it's true I'm on the beat on the beach and I have long hair. Tournaments senior. Really, short kind of new wave hair because it was months later. In no one really gave a shit about my character. So I I I I had my hair style man. and. I totally, not the same kid I love you when you see that re-shoots and movies and you're like man that kid voice drop like two octaves. That's like the kid from stranger things when they re. They're like, dude, we eighty are everything because his voice was changing But this is kind of we're really kind of at the tournament here..

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