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And the great swamp site and he uh rallies again just the search for match com meta comes manner sick unclear why bought he done they do eventually capture meta comes wife and son and they tracked him down uh over several days and finally shoes him uh there is a very famous diary entries philip has x sets is this understood by the puritans to be victory or do they know the do they think the war will continue luke luke no no this is a wall which is going to continue because what happens the end the king phillips wars eat it isn't now the reason to sort of a complete stiff um as a almost this moment this is a war which changes shape and moons geographically so that he said he moves boston so that if those most of human writing about the are watching in boston the appears the war is over but that actually but you know that and they suspect we could trace this right back to the early days of virginia but as long as the english columnist wish to expand they need we'd be pushing against the traditional tear it trees as a native inhabitants and that is always going to um uh create conflicts and war so that the war does actually lean going off three danes but the but the killing if metric called me so symbolic key powerful um so the think again the the the the pierre teacher right there in history so they see the perfect moment where you can at least in the czech terrific will quite the book the war as for the second generation the tsa right what the great migration was for the first war continues and we move to the chesapeake colonies because here there are indians rising up the dogs in particular and there's fighting in maryland they're fighting a junior colony but most importantly the governor in virginia is in aged man governor sir william berkeley he in diplomacy to handle the frontier and.

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