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York has closed all its schools the closures include Manhattan the Bronx Staten Island in the counties of Dutchess orange Putnam Rockland Sullivan Ulster and Westchester the city is close to Bronx schools that share the same building after student tested positive for covert nineteen the laboratory school of finance and technology and south Bronx prep will be close while the buildings are disinfected the MTA is seeing a drop in ridership as corona virus spreads WCBS is rich lamb has more from MTA headquarters interim transit authority had Sarah Feinberg declares no budget driven service cuts are planned despite what she acknowledges has a ten or eleven percent drop in the number of riders asked whether there is a shutdown planned she said for now we're going to continue to operate as usual adding we haven't even gone back to a Sunday service but noted we follow medical expert guidance if the CDC or the department of health at some point says we want you to radically scale back the service of course we're going to follow that guidance we're gonna do whatever we need to do to keep people as safe as possible Feinberg adds that's a medical health care call that's not what we're going to call that MTA headquarters rich lam WCBS newsradio eight eighty in New Jersey governor Murphy's recommending the cancellation of all public gatherings of more than two hundred fifty people including concerts sporting events and parades a one mile containment zone is now in effect in new Rochelle home to the biggest cluster of cove in nineteen cases in the country W. CBS reporter Peter Haskell is in the zone there.

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