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Joel. Joel NEUTRA NOT PRACTICES. Before I call till you. How does why I'm calling it about my boyfriend so we've been rocky from the beginning but you know care about welcome lot Before this whole quarantine thing we basically spent every night together even though we do not live together and then quarantine started and for a while. He basically lived with me. Twenty four seven for like a month and we got a big fight and finally here's apartment which is a mild summer house so place has been good but now. I almost never see him. We barely taxed He says that he's having a hard time of quarantine and he needs space and he's phase. But you still love me Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. I'm trying to be supportive. And we've definitely had conversations like this before like he has his own host of issues hard to be in a relationship with like this is getting ridiculous for example. I have not seen him since Thursday and he is not doing anything. He's playing video games And then I was like. He's taking out tonight. Why said JUST WANNA hang out this weekend and he was like sure they would be better? I was like okay. It is currently eight fifty five PM and he is over here and he lives a mile away so my question is should I have grace with him right now or is this just ridiculous right thank you very much bye okay. I have a good one I think okay. I think I mean I don't WanNa step on any toes. But so she said it's been rocky beginning and so my suggestion is Beja.

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