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Your choice not only the program entirely free but you can we've i think today donated just under twenty million dollars in these increments and that could be very meaningful could also be for example larger so for example with someone like colgate we build a around the united states somewhere around half a dozen playgrounds every year made from us toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes and those are two hundred thousand dollars in value in schools and other local communities compete for that and really try to drive recycling to win and so it's all these different types of incentives that we layer it together to try to create whatever behavior we can now there's still no matter are some folks out there and especially unfortunately more men than women women are really great with sustainability men not so much where it doesn't matter what we do it won't make any difference my goal is to hopefully try to make that section the smallest possible but that does exist as well the wives can with their husbands into shape and the kids listening or wives you know put your men in line right tom let me ask you about the cigarette recycling program in atlanta tom's aki hanging out with us on the phone right now from tara cycle what is going on in atlanta cigarette recycling program thrilled to have been working with the city of atlanta to bring out cigarette recycling so yeah let's take some context cigarettes are the number one most literal way stream in the world it's thirty seven percent of roadway litter or cigarette butts it's a phenomenal issue and not only is it a high volume cigarette butts were invented in the nineteen fifties right around there to be able to capture carcinogens when you smoke and so they're also have a lot of challenging materials effectively baked into them and so what we did is we deployed cigarette recycling at the city so in certain parts of the city you'll see terrorist cycle collection units adhere to light poles and other public areas and now you can put your cigarettes there and instead of them being ending up as litter or if you properly dispose ending up as landfill now they get recycled and the way we do that as we tried the cigarettes we separate.

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