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I mean, you know, we know of some people who have lost their lives. I mean, I remember a number of years back Kanye West's mother that was all in the news. And her story is a good lesson for all of us because she wanted the surgery so bad in many plastic surgeons turned her away because of her preexisting conditions. And doctors weren't clear her. I mean, if you want to bad enough, you'll find some surgeons somewhere that will do it. Yes. You have to be your own best advocate, and you have to really understand the risks of surgery, you know? Right. It's really for healthy young people. Those kinds of surgeries, the big surgeries we're talking about. Right. Now, even with a healthy young person, there's a risk. And let's talk about the risk of people going for these, what are they call them? Tourism, vacations, you know, a lot of people go down to Mexico to get this work done. Talk about the risk of that. So there's two risks. The first risk is the risk of travel. So if you go to a foreign country and we always saw that tragic case last week of the young lady that went down to Mexico and just took a wrong turn, you know? And although that could happen anywhere, it happens more frequently in countries that are less well policed, let's say. And the other thing is, you don't know the language. If you go to a country where you don't know the language and something goes wrong, you know, how you're going to interact with the hospital staff or the emergency services and things like that. So those are things people don't consider until it's too late. Now, there are great surgeons in every country. There are great surgeons in my great surgeons in the DR. Great surgeons in Brazil and Venezuela, Columbia, turkey. Okay. However, how are you going to know who the great surgeons are in those other countries? If you don't speak the language, if you don't live there, if you don't have the way to vet them, other than just one page on a website, you know. Right. Right. So those are the things that people don't consider, okay? However, I mean, if you, if you are from that country and you can properly vet and research the surgeon, let's say, in the DR or Columbia or Mexico, and you have family there, you know what's going on. They can be there for you where you speak the language. I think it's fine to travel. If it's a better deal, why not? But for most people, when they travel, they go in with very little information. And many, many women have lost their lives, dozens. In the DR in Mexico, in other countries, in turkey, you know, it can happen in America. It can happen anywhere, but if it happens someplace else and you're out of the country, a small problem can become a big problem very quickly. Right. And I think one of the big things that people really need to do, I mean, you should do it anyway. Like you said, there's a vetting process. But if you're going to have a surgery in another country, part of that vetting process should be getting a thorough look at the facility asked to see the operating rooms ask to see the recovery areas ask to see the room that you're going to be staying in because while the waiting room might be pristine and lovely, the back might not be so much. That's where the rubber meets the road. It's in the operating room. And in the recovery. The other thing, people do not pay enough attention to the recovery process.

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