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And, according to the Washington Post, and some Democrats run organizations, he has no affiliation with any militia group. No affiliation with any so called white supremacist group is a 17 year old, who was a police cadets back in his hometown in Illinois, looked like he wanted to grow up to be in law enforcement thought he could get out the street. He's a teenager who's got a teenager brain. He's got an adult firearm. He's out there in the street. It looks like it's illegal for him under the age of 18 to be carrying openly in in Wisconsin, Open carriers for 18 year olds So he's got that problem. There was this individual. We just play the hard to hear audio. Joseph Rosenbaum was his name. He was shot and killed a night before last. By Kyle Riton House and Joseph Rosenbaum. 30 was 36 years old. And he was the first one to be killed. If you've been following the situation closely, there's video that shows the person we now know to be Joseph Rosenbaum 36 years old. Chasing the 17 year old Kyle Riton house in a in a furious high speed in both kind of chase into a car lot and The Joseph Rosenbaum 36 years old is throwing something he appears to be throwing something heavy at Kyle Rittenhouse has he's running away written was clearly trying to get away. All right now is clearly look. Linwood Linwood, the great attorney for Covington, Catholic and Nick Sandman. Tweeted out last night or this morning that he is volunteering pro Bono his assistance to Kyle Riton house. If there's anything that he can do as a lawyer to help out the 17 year old Riton house, maybe he looked at the videos, too. Now we have this guy Joseph Rosenbaum 36 years old chasing the 17 year old Cal right now is kill. Rittenhouse has a rifle. Thie individual. Joseph Rosenbaum has been behaving and I watched the video and I was very disturbed by this individual in his behavior, which seemed unbalanced. His behavior seemed on. He's seemed unbalanced and dangerous. He's him dangerously violent. He is white is an Anglo European Caucasian, Joseph Rosenbaum. He may be Jewish and laced his father's side of the family. Anyway. He's out there screaming at people yelling the n word at white people. He's a white person. He's yelling and screaming and demanding. Shoot me and word. Shoot me! On the moments later, In fact, there was AH Chase and suddenly he's chasing and we don't know exactly how many minutes later, but he's chasing the 17 year old cow right now. And Karen is the running like hell. I mean, like running to try to get away from this crazy person who's chasing him, and the crazy person who's chasing him should have taken into account. That he's terrorizing a person with an ar 15 rifle. And when they got into this looked like a car. Lot of some kind. Maybe a used car lot you can hear from the video that shots were fired. And the person we now know to be Joseph Rosenbaum goes down, all right. And it turns out he was shot in the head. Another person there, friend, apparently of Joseph Rosenbaum peels off his T shirt and tries to wrap his head and T shirt and tries to stop the Now here's the reality. The guy with the rifle eyes in violation because he's not 18 years old is being chased by a 36 year old man who is hurling things at him and obviously violently pursuing the 17 year old who is armed. He doesn't know the guy's name, presumably and and then shots were fired. And Joseph Rosenbaum we now know was shot in the head and he was killed. And that's ah, horrible and terrible thing. Now, Andy know who does more journalism than CNN and The New York Times combined, and they disparage him for it has a Twitter account and Joseph Rosenbaum 36 was the first one killed. Video allegedly shows him chasing teen shooter and throwing something at him. Yes, that's what we believe to be The case based on the reviews of the videos, Rosenbaum is a register cuse me was a registered sex offender. For a sex crime involving a minor. Now These are the heroes of the martyrs and the victims of the revolution. Andi no pulled the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Sex Offender registry and sure enough There he is. The photo taken in 17 2005, ft. £365 hazel eyes and redder auburn hair body shaves his head and he is a registered sex offender. And in the Wisconsin registered sex offender registry. I guess they called And so he's here we go again and and he's the one screaming and using the N word and screaming, Shoot me and shoot me and being extremely confrontational and extremely aggressive. With a group of men who were standing there with rifles. Sometime later, he's chasing the 17 year old. He got shot. And killed. That's terrible. I guess. Maybe he should take lithium or something, because that could be a problem. And it turned out to be a problem. Then the then then there was the chase. A mob started chasing Ah Kyle Riton house. And that's the video that most people have seen down the middle of the street and cow Riton house and looking at the video. I think he may have actually tripped and stumbled and fallen down. But when he did there are people grown men sprinting at him right behind him. Including one man who jumps and does like a Bruce Lee's dive styles flying kick into the 17 year old with a rifle. And then another guy who we now know to be. Andy Huber and the Huber was shot and killed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the Black lives matter riot and you know is right. He was filmed. There's video of him chasing down the armed teenager and hitting him when he was on the ground using his state board, you see, using his skateboard to hit him. The attendant skateboard. If you you know, work on hitting stuff with it is a pretty mighty weapon. It Sze like a bat with a sharp edge, and a lot of these guys use their skateboards as weapons to hit people. We've seen a lot of this. It's a sturdy weapon. And this is this is pretty bizarre stuff. But Andy Huber 26 years old. Turns out he's got what he's got his the father of a child with a girlfriend, not a wife. Andi chasing them down. He hits him with a skateboard, and it's kind of like, never bring a skateboard to a gun fight. You know, there's the old saying, Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Never bring his skateboard to a gun fight. There's 26 year old man is chasing the 17 year old. And he reaches him when that when the 17 year old falls down, and he attacked him with a skateboard holds it like he's trained with it, and he attacks with skateboard, and then he got shot. He got shot in the chest. And he is him going away and falling over and he died. He was killed. Now. Here's the thing. The 17 year old with the rifle in violation of the 18 year threshold. I was being chased by a violent mob of rioters and assaulted. And and the Second Amendment actually provides that in the United States America human being has the God given right to protect himself from violent assault. The left doesn't believe this..

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