Steve Jobs, Macworld discussed on TED Radio Hour


Wars I don't like you either just want to sell we wanted been there's a breaking bad guy who ends up getting his arm chopped off that resembles a scene from I believe is your gender but here's the thing nobody thinks of Star Wars is derivative even though it clearly draws upon curse hours work so where's the line between copying and building on something that came before I mean to me it's about how much you how much mimicry you do how much of the other artist you are taking so if you take a large chunk of it to me that is where you're being to rip if you're being on original you know I think you need to be transforming the things that you copy you need to be re contextualizing them at about where are you taking your copying too and you need to be you know transforming and and combining those elements in exciting ways the American copyright and patent laws run counter to this notion that we build on the work of others instead these laws laws around the world use the rather awkward analogy of property readworks may indeed be kind of like property but its property that we're all building on and creations can only take root and grow once that grounds and prepare so it's two thousand seven widescreen iPod with touch controls revolutionary mobile phone in a breakthrough internet communications device Steve Jobs onstage at macworld and he introduces the iPhone these are not three separate devices this is one it's a complete break through and we have invented a new technology called multi touch you can do multi finger gestures on its and boy have we patented it but he said that was in two thousand seven a year earlier in.

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